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  1. Will quote you on that weekly moral boosting happens when ever I'm on.
  2. Chris

    Another one...

    Jerry hittin them notes
  3. Chris

    Clip Dump

    M.O.F.F. Bomb
  4. Much game yes

  5. Will tell later but also why, mans should be doing study but I am thinking about hotdogs
  6. Oh god not again could I speak with her chrissy? Also @Echo Ima beat you later for that.
  7. Bruh no need to look that far into the future
  8. Chris

    Dank M3mes

    Thats so E P I C
  9. Chris

    Shake it IG

    Very nice so E P I C
  10. Renegade ill buy some shoe polish pick you're brand
  11. So E P I C! seeeee ya around the ship
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