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  1. yo does anyone know where the sith temple is at, trying to find it rn
  2. Hi I'm Spook Played this server a while ago and i'm coming back because I don't have anything else to do hope to see you around
  3. putting a : ) at the end of a /me (/me smashes binoculars : ) )
  4. Spook


    imagine actually trying to get this to become an event zzz
  5. Spook

    Fun Fun Fun

    pretty sure I was there, feelsgoodman
  6. Rook1e, potsu, elijah who/sayso, Kina, Kuzu Mellow, X, Lil Tecca, Flume, Tyler The Creator, Sarcastic Sounds, and atlas
  7. Thank you for making this post, as someone who deals with anxiety and depression, this really means a lot
  8. come back and become my rst commander again
  9. @Polar @Shekelburg @Spin here you go, some lovely tributes (especially the 2nd one)
  10. I'm a medic now, I quit playing this server start of 2018 but now I'm back We should definitely play csgo again =)
  11. Spook

    Quan Intro

    Hi fellow medic
  12. I'm guessing my best friend is in the death troopers?
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