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    PAC 3

    PAC3 will likely never be usable by non-superadmins (excluding the accessories in the pointshop). Pointshop items will come soon, just be patient.
  2. You're unbanned now, you gave us the wrong SteamID (STEAM_1:0:104405223) as opposed to the real one (STEAM_0:0:104405223)
  3. @Kitty King, Attempt to join the server again, look at the bottom of the message where it says your SteamID and copy that down and post it here, think you gave us the wrong one
  4. Update: Extinction Core removed Annunaki Genesis added Rates changed to 2x Per stat upgrade increment raised Map reset due to issues (Not levels) Difficulty decreased
  5. Hello, Recently myself & Trident have been thinking about making an ARK: Survival Evolved server and due to popular demand we've put one together. Details: Server name: [Imperial Gaming ARK] Annunaki, ORP + More IP: Gametype: PvPvE Map: The Island Rates: Taming, harvesting & XP multipliers are set to 2 Admins: Currently only myself & Trident have admin privileges, and that most likely will not be changing. Slots: Currently 30 (may be subject to change depending on popularity) Wipes: Within the next few days I wil
  6. User was caught using an alt account on the server to bypass the ban, this appeal is now denied Also for the people wondering, he meant that he was using a allowcslua bypasser, which is cheating.
  7. I remember the incident very well, and so if you really want to be unbanned I suggest you post a reply with what really happened.
  8. Insufficient evidence, unbanned.
  9. What? You stole our content and uploaded it to the workshop, we then reported it and then permanently banned you from our servers. You then keep tabs on what our community is doing by reading our forums for whatever reason, see that we're interested in making a new map and then start flaming us for stealing content? Not only this but now you're blaming us for disrespect when you came to OUR community after you were banned? And what the fuck? You want to make our communities merge? Fuck off dude, you will never merge with our community and you will never be unbanned, you've spent
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