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  1. I walk around a corner and see you with the sword reskinned over a crowbar hitting some sith and pretending to 'duel' him, this is not okay whatsoever, PAC3 is to enhance the roleplay on the ship, not some excuse so admins can spawn in weapons that you don't naturally spawn with, nor is it a reason to gain ANY physical advantage or enhancement over other players. PAC3 is a very big privilege and can be removed for any reason we deem fit, I understand you likely spent a long time on the sword, but that's your fault, every time you start making a PAC you should always think about what we'll say,
  2. Isn't this like the 5th PAC3 application you've made? Stop fucking deleting them every time you get a negative response or we'll never give it to you, take constructive criticism and improve from your mistakes, this is the last PAC3 app you will ever make, let's hope you improve.
  3. The piano doesn't play across the entire map, what are you talking about?
  4. We only take time out of our day to look into ban appeals if the user who is banned takes the time out of their own day to actually follow the format.
  5. Moose

    Jail visits

    This doesn't need to be a forum thread, if you don't want people visiting people who are in jail then deny them on the spot.
  6. We've already dealt with the incident. Locked.
  7. Moose

    Ban Appeal

    Pretty sure the ban got reduced today to ~1 day, you can wait it out. Denied.
  8. Ban is only 24 hours, you can wait it out. Denied.
  9. The only real issue with the map that I care about and have made Gusky contact Lord Trilobite about is the reflective floor in MH1, it's sooo laggy and not needed whatsoever. I think you'd have a hard time editing his map as I spoke to Props awhile ago about it and he said that Lord Trilobite made it so if you try edit the map all the textures on everything will need redoing which will take a lot of time - though if you're up for the challenge I'm sure a lot of the community would be fine with improvements to an already great map.
  10. @Stephano Your designs are more suited for a wallpaper, not a logo. @Wiemers Your designs are nice though they seem a little too confusing, I particularly like this one and think that could be worked on a bit more to turn out really nice. @Authopius I really like the logo design you made, it's just the initials of Imperial Gaming done well, though I do think the words on the left would need their spacing fixed up. @Excalibur Those are nice though they are not logos - they are wallpapers. @Peanutbuster This is just text on a picture, these are not logos. @Spicer That is
  11. Just had to remove 47+ posts from this thread, that's insane. This is a competition for people who are talented with programs such as Photoshop, and are willing to put in their own spare time to help improve the community's logo. It also seems people are making banners, not logos - we are not looking for text on a wallpaper, we are looking for a transparent logo that symbolises Imperial Gaming, notice how the rotated IG does not literally say 'Imperial Gaming' - it is the symbol for it. Keep it fairly simple and easy to understand, remember that this symbol should work well infr
  12. Imperial Gaming Logo Competition Hello friends, so recently some people have pointed out that our logo isn't that good and we should switch to a new one, so I decided that I would make this thread to see if we have any creative people in the community who would be up to the task of making us a new logo. Things to note: Keep it fairly simple and easy to understand, joining a heap of letters into one may look artistic but it can cause confusion on what it represents. If possible make it similar to the logo we have now so changing logo won't be as confusing to some.
  13. We've thought about this before, decided it wasn't really worth it mainly because of the issues brought up already in this thread and what would happen to our gametracker ranking if people were to switch server during peak time for around an hour.
  14. Moose

    Server Update!

    Staff, the rebel job and the event job can all use it already.
  15. I very much do read the suggestions and if I think they're good ones I write them down to look at them at another date. I can tell you that the /it command will be being added, the precision alignment will be added and the quality of life chat thread will also be added to the best of our ability, we recently went and redid the whole chat system FOR that specific reason however things take time and need to be completely thought out before I add them. I can't promise the PAC3 addition right now but I will be looking into it soon.
  16. Moose

    A Clock in Game

    This thread was made in May guys.. Also I fixed this ages ago, just type !thetime
  17. 1. Click this download link. 2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\download\maps (or wherever your gmod DOWNLOADED maps folder is located) 3. Drag the .bsp file into the downloaded maps folder. 4. Rejoin server.
  18. User made an alternate account to bypass the ban, appeal denied.
  19. You -1 a ban request against yourself and show no sense of recognition for your actions or an apology for any of the involved players, to me it seems like you got off quite lucky.
  20. Moose

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    Actually, since I just noticed you have been using an alternate account to bypass the ban, it'll now be upgraded to 2 weeks. EDIT: Try bypass the ban again and it'll be a perm.
  21. Cuffs gag option had actually been removed long ago to help improve optimization, so there's not much we can do for that besides pretending the feature never existed and removing it from coming up when someone is cuffed, which we have. Scoreboard muting seems to work fine however, let me know if you have any issues with it.
  22. Only broken because of our voice hook, I'll add it to my to-do list - that and the scoreboard mute.
  23. Seems the responses to this appeal indicate how the community and other staff members feel about your recent behaviour, and some even think that your ban should've been longer, I hope you'll wake up to yourself and not get into any more trouble. Wait out the ban. Appeal denied.
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