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  1. +1 Love the Riot shield stance with the dc-17
  2. Definitely some good suggestions especially with the garage size, but the main problem is people with pilot license tend to not get permission from Navy/RSC/RHC to drive/fly the vehicles in the first place. Some of them think that because they have a pilot license they can fly/drive whenever they want but that's not the case. If RSC are on they should be taking first priority with vehicles that they are trained to fly/drive. Obviously if RSC are not on or AFK then the troopers that have a pilot license can then fly/drive but they still require permission from Navy/RHC before doing so.
  3. Kinda hard when the LAAT's and ARC 170's are so big that you can barley fit one in the republic garage area especially with all the props that get spawned in that area. But yes when you can fit in there that's where they should be spawning.
  4. Had loads of fun when you were Shock Commander. Good luck in your future endeavours and cya around.
  5. Kellogs

    ISB Changes

    Out of curiosity what roles @Jman1308 @Welshy have you guys gone too?
  6. I think bossk should stop making irrelevant forum posts in his spare time.
  7. Edit: Updated Current Regiment and playtime
  8. Edit: I have added some more PAC examples
  9. Yea welshy is a great bloke +1
  10. Edit: I have added some PAC examples with more to come.
  11. What is your In-game name: Currently Inferno Seyn Marana Previously Riot Colonel Kellogs Inferno Seyn Marana Marauder Apprentice Asha Khun Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60070496 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/channel10/ Play time: 4 weeks 5 days Have you used PAC Before: I have been learning PAC3 over the last two weeks in single player with LePaul's help. I believe i'm at a point were I understand the basics of PAC3 but I'm still learning how to do more advance stuff. Why should you be trusted with PAC : I am an active and loyal member to the Imperial gaming community. As stated above I have a play time of 4 weeks 3 days and have received zero warnings, bans or kicks. I am mature and as indicated by my previous ranks would not abuse the power and responsibility giving to me if I receive PAC, I'm sure that the various members of the community I have interacted with or befriended can confirm my integrity. I will adhere to the PAC rules and will not create anything that is not RP friendly. Why do you want PAC : Since PAC has been implemented on the server I have seen the vast amount of role-play potential it has to immerse myself and others into the star wars universe. The marauder regiment, which I am currently a part of, has a model that is basically a blank canvas for PAC creations, which means I can create a unique character appearance and differentiate myself from other marauders. Also as marauders are Sith artefact hunters I could create PAC's of me handing over artefacts and hilts to Vader. Through PAC I believe that I could fully emphasise the lore that was created for the marauders on the server. Why do you deserve PAC : I believe that throughout my 4 weeks and 3 days on the server I have shown the community that I'm dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and a mature member of Imperial Gaming. I Love role-playing and if I received PAC I would try my best to enhance RP For myself and others. PAC Examples: Head replacement for marauder model ----- Generic sith cape ----- Arms crossed sitting pose ----- Kneeling to vader or palpatine ----- More to come.
  12. +1 When James was in riot he constantly tried to find fun and unique RP situations not only for himself but others as well. He can 100% be trusted with PAC and would benefit from the perks that PAC3 gives.
  13. Kellogs

    Some Suggestions

    See even that doesn't make sense most attack regiments are 14 while specialist are 12ish and defence and the rest all over the place. @Morgan could you clarify what you mean.
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