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  1. I mean, Recon Class = Arc Regiment. Arc have 1 active member and 1 other member who comes and goes. So lack of Arc on the server Demolition Class = Shore Regiment. Shore has 2 active members. So lack of Shore on the server These roles, would help these regiments who are unfortunately lacking numbers, just like how the support role helps out the medic's when needed.
  2. I see your point but Support is a medic and that's already a regiment.
  3. Hello, Had 2 ideas for support roles that could help regiments. 1. Recon Class - Equipment: Low-Mid Grade sniper with binoculars. With this equipment, they could scout ahead and lookout from a far and provide details to CO's and IHC on possible targets or challenges a head while needing to send troops in to do this. 2. Demolition Class. Equipment: Detonator (Limit 2). With this equipment, they could help destroy alien eggs, fallen rock that's blocked a path way. Clearing these obstacles, and helping clear the path for troops to advance. (Want to limit the equipment on this as
  4. Yeah I'm having the same problem, when playing in single player, i had heaps of errors from the content pack (only addons I had installed)
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