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  1. Also, you missed some of my best ones in the screenshots I'll ignore that along with the grammatical errors littered throughout your response.
  2. Jeez so hostile. Not Event Master Material at all.
  3. I would go into more detail with mine but I'll just leave a phat lil -1. For once I agree with Splonter.
  4. I'm mainly referring to the fact that a percentage of the player base is that easily offended at what was a distasteful joke but in no way a statement with malicious intent. People need to learn to stop throwing their arms up and screaming "I'm offended" at everything. (Not Directly aimed at this situation in particular just a general statement)
  5. Why can't any post stay civil? Like Jesus Christ. Its a f**king post about a free game and yall wanna start throwin fists.
  6. Peaceful protest turned hostile, as always.
  7. Bailey is illiterate, so you're safe.
  8. Do it pussy, I might actually subscribe/follow ya.
  9. C'mon Bailey, We all know Streamer is a bit of a stretch. You should try Vlogging, You would fit right in <3 +1
  10. I've known you for awhile Proven, At one point I thought of you as a friend. And of course, with this I know you all too well, On previous servers you have been banned for alting, racism & general disregard for server rules, that general disregard for others and the rules is why you were banned on here as well. You've lied to me and joined regiments I have run in the past on your alt accounts. You've had all too many chances to fix your ways. You make promises, break them and continue to make these "mistakes", these "mistakes" which continue to destroy trust people once had in you. Pr
  11. Love that awesome event that was being run. Whoever that em was he must be awesome. Also nice video Devon. Well produced.
  12. Oh shit, that was you? I was such a douche ignoring you and cutting off your legs.
  13. Look you guys are all wrong, Hammer is simply misunderstood. He is frustrated that his Major is Tinky and we can't blame the man for that, What I recommend as an unlicensed therapist is that when we all log on and see Hammer on we just do a quick "!p Hammer // You're Gorgeous, Stong and independent, You don't need Tinky cause we've got your back!" I do my part every time I log on, Do yours!
  14. Not going to give an explanation, Nor do I want to. Starring: John Austro CECIL Carswell Featuring: Ramirez & Some10-year-olds.
  15. Just watched the stream of the attack from the attackers GoPRO, This is not okay. Everyone stay safe, please.
  16. Honestly, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been affected by these monstrous people. Hopefully, all involved in these acts are violence are apprehended shortly.
  17. Should we do the humane thing and just put him down?
  18. Austro

    The Best Of [RG]

    Honestly, I feel nothing. Good video tho.
  19. You seem to have negative experiences with everyone, Perhaps it's not them that cause the experience to turn negative? I'll be leaving a +1 on this application, He is a special soul that I believe is trusted enough to become a T-Mod.
  20. +1 (If you did not already know he Is Ex Widow Squad Commander)
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