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  1. Ah okay I understand now, cheers
  2. So everyone else experiences the same problem? I guess that helps. Just confuses me when some people reply on the posts that have videos uploaded by the invision software, so it probably works for some people.
  3. Computer, so an IOS problem shouldn't occur
  4. Hi all, Had this problem with viewing videos posted in topics where the video would buffer a lot and would just stop after a few seconds of playing. I know its not my internet being bad because youtube videos work when those are used in topics, but I think when they are uploaded directly to the forums or something along those lines it doesn't work for me. A fix would be much appreciated but I'll make do if its just me experiencing this problem. Thank you.
  5. Anyone else have problems with the video being really laggy and buffering, I seem to only get it with the forum videos but not when they put youtube videos into their posts
  6. Effort reinstalling it though, plus i'm just used to just working of steam
  7. Every time I see one of these posts I get so excited, but then I see its from the Epic games store
  8. I agree with Boris here, I think they should just focus on the Imperial server cause thats where the main player base is, instead of splitting their player base every few months for a new server idea.
  9. MSPaint has always had a special place in my heart, nice job!
  10. Looks nice, hopefully the server can handle it
  11. Hey man, you were very helpful guy when I was in RG :), welcome to the forums.
  12. I think inferno has the Dio spot open if that tickles your fancy
  13. Too many good people leaving the community :(. Still think of you as my true ISB buddy, cheers for all the great times. I hope everything works out well. o7
  14. Sounded like this rhymed
  15. Sad to see you go, you'll be missed. o7
  16. Gonna really miss you man, all the best with year 12. o7
  17. I still think the Banana flavour is underrated
  18. Much respect, hope to see you around. o7
  19. Camaro

    Banner Designs

    Really like option 3 and 4 but the rest are also pretty dam good, nice work
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