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  1. Great to have you back!
  2. Excited to see what the forums will look like
  3. Looks really nice, do you just play as rebels and clones and the other side is bots?
  4. dun dun duhhhhhhh
  5. Pretty accurate representation lol
  6. Yeah like Matrix and Ramirez stated, they are in the Sith temple behind props, so it's up to the make maker if he were to make a updated version where the controls are moved to the bridge. So until then I don;t really see how navy are meant to use them.
  7. Careful ISB might come knocking at your door, send you on a holiday you'll never forget
  8. I was more of a playmobil man myself but I remember just building random lego stuff with friends, good times.
  9. Camaro

    A Tactician

    Such a soothing voice holy crap
  10. That's a yikes from me chief.
  11. I'm sure a couple people like myself know it like the back of their hands. So at least we'll survive
  12. Like sterling said, keep it to a one day rotation and that should be fine. As well as finding a way to please the Military due to the map being heavily passive.
  13. One of the problems with the Death star map is that there is lots to do for Navy, ISB and Gov. But the Military and Sith can get a bit bored which is understandable. And not to mention the EM's start to scratch their heads after they have kept running Sim's but then start getting backlash from the server pop.
  14. Nice tan lol and also congrats on the milestone
  15. Sitting here patiently waiting for the DeathStar map to work again.
  16. I've just got a normal sized mousepad, but if you have the room, get an extended one .
  17. Camaro

    The Best Of IG

    Nothing will beat axx's videos but this was still pretty dam good
  18. Camaro

    Yo howzit

    Good times my dude
  19. Well then get rid of that nobody garbage in your signature, you a flyboy now!
  20. Camaro

    Yo howzit

    Good luck with that labyrinth lol, but also welcome.
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