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  1. 44 minutes ago, Cure said:


    I definitely have to agree with the others that you should wait longer before appealing this ban once again. Based on the screenshot I can see that you have already tried to bypass the ban using an alt account before being banned automatically by the system (correct me if I'm wrong) instead of being patient, apologising and appealing the ban here on the forums. As such it is clear you aren't ready to return to the server. 



  2. 30 minutes ago, Vanilla said:

    Instead of a sync salute and debrief, I reckon bringing back the music march.

    (All stage personnel stand under the stage until music is played. When music is played, they all march up and it looks really cool)

    Yeah I really liked doing this. Should work with the stage layout. +1

  3. 13 hours ago, Mongo said:


    Snoozy personally I loved you man, you were a good member of the community although you mixed with the wrong people, having been apart of the group of people in the "Frank is gay" steam group along with Emerald, Brass and Dexoys.

    Ontop of that I had seen you on another server and according to the owner of the Server who I happened to be  close friends with due to my past server owner position, said you had talked a lot of smack about IG on  their server.

    Personally your outburst for losing PAC3 as well as a  lot of other issues that arose in your final days of IG before being community banned where a bit  extreme.

    It's good you're admitting all  your mistakes and recounting in great detail about all your wrongdoings which lead up to your ban, but  It doesn't  feel sincere to  me. Especially because it was extremely childish of you to do such horrible things over such a small  situation.

    If you were to be unbanned, much as you suggested, a strict 3 month probation period.


    Opinion is subject to change.

    +1 Reasons stated above 

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