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  1. Didn't even know you were a Gungan. A very interesting read, well done
  2. Looks like Inferno squads Corvus But i like it
  3. Massive +1, personally I find that poker has gotten a bit boring, so adding blackjack would be a welcomed thing by the community.
  4. So this is what happens on the bridge, I see
  5. +1 As others have stated above, it's an old ban. Should be given a chance with probationary period.
  6. There are no words to describe how beautiful this is.
  7. So what do we call you now?
  8. Welp it was a good time, o7 dude
  9. I think Regiments always need stuff built, so maybe talk to them.
  10. I don't want the broken watch anymore, you can have it back.
  11. A really good time, shame it had to end quite abruptly
  12. Being on the NPCC during the first firing of the Death Star since no one knew what they were doing and things were breaking so the only logical thing for the higher ups to do is offload their frustrations on the lower ranks lol.
  13. Thought the cars looked cool, not really knowing much about the cars. So when people make car jokes about my name I sort of just shrug and giggle.
  14. Yeah I've always really enjoyed sims, but the only public ones that happen seem to be below 20 players. Also really enjoyed the sims where one team is assaulting a compound and the other is defending it.
  15. Camaro

    Kristofer's Speech

    This man angry, he scares me when he's angry
  16. I still get them, but I'm so experienced at fixing it now, I don't need a support member
  17. Welcome back dude! Glad you're feeling better.
  18. Camaro

    Hello all

    Hello dude, welcome to IG
  19. Hey man, welcome to the forums!
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