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    [CAMPAIGN] 178-S-E

    Are you thinking what i'm thinking Kris
  2. o7 all the best in the future Dave
  3. Common misconception that the server is in "down time" when it is below 20 players. This is not a thing, it is considered soft RP, all rules still apply and Ashton was in the right to arrest you for trespassing. But besides that threatening to DDOS someone or the server is taken very seriously which is why the consequence is a swift permanent ban. But considering you put effort into your ban appeal and the altercation happened earlier this year I believe you should be unbanned and given a 3 month prohibition period +1
  4. A good read, well done.
  5. +1 Is a great Idea, model also looks nice.
  6. o7 Loved when you were around, all the best with everything.
  7. o7 someone has some big shoes to fill
  8. Looks good, I think Vanilla was working on getting some maps done for each level yesterday, so you should probably talk to him.
  9. Ah sh*t here we go again, back to the ILC
  10. wait noooooo o7 dude, hope you come back to us all soon.
  11. Yeah I really liked doing this. Should work with the stage layout. +1
  12. indeed I get a bit excited but then slump down after I see epic games in the url
  13. Will it still not work on Singleplayer?
  14. Looks great, hopefully it doesn't take too long to relearn the layout
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