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  1. Two holes, each end has a different purpose
  2. Camaro

    IHC Tournament

    Honestly didn't think @Hyperion and I were going to get 2nd lol
  3. Good to see you back old mate, some of us ISB og's are still around causing trouble on the server
  4. Advertising a regiment as a 2.0 of a previous regiment is setting yourself up for failure
  5. It was a good laugh doing bunk inspections on 224th
  6. I hope that regiment stays in a metal coffin with padlocked chains around it.
  7. This wouldn't have to do with you being in ARC for a while would it?
  8. I would very much like to see a navy catering sub regiment
  9. A regiment of bartenders at the Officers lounge and Mess hall, nothing more needs to be said.
  10. The end of an era, o7 delta rest easy in the cave.
  11. Curious about which places you haven't been to
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