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  1. I had a spiritual awakening so I shaved my head and now walk around in a red robe and sandals in the CBD trying to convince passers by to join my cult church group.
  2. Two holes, each end has a different purpose
  3. Camaro

    IHC Tournament

    Honestly didn't think @Hyperion and I were going to get 2nd lol
  4. Good to see you back old mate, some of us ISB og's are still around causing trouble on the server
  5. Advertising a regiment as a 2.0 of a previous regiment is setting yourself up for failure
  6. It was a good laugh doing bunk inspections on 224th
  7. I hope that regiment stays in a metal coffin with padlocked chains around it.
  8. This wouldn't have to do with you being in ARC for a while would it?
  9. I would very much like to see a navy catering sub regiment
  10. A regiment of bartenders at the Officers lounge and Mess hall, nothing more needs to be said.
  11. The end of an era, o7 delta rest easy in the cave.
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