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  1. Camaro

    Reckonyn's Arrival

    Welcome to IG, look forward to seeing you around.
  2. Odd flex of setup but ok
  3. Camaro

    Parcy's Introduction

    Welcome mate.
  4. Camaro

    Christmas Giveaway

    Copy of Sins would be much appreciated, cheers Bailey.
  5. Camaro

    Mate's Introduction

    Welcome mate!
  6. Camaro

    The Wintoh Family

    Had a chuckle while reading this, cheers.
  7. Camaro

    Camaro's Tier 1 Application

    @Planz Updated both the surrender pose and eyepiece, and I added one more example (working on more). Would appreciate it if you gave me some feedback on what I have done.
  8. Camaro

    Camaro's Tier 1 Application

    Yeah I see where you are coming from, I didn't want to fill my application up with generic stuff, but I will defiantly try and make more PAC's
  9. Camaro

    Camaro's Tier 1 Application

    Thank you all for the feedback so far, I am going to work on my PAC examples tonight, as well as adding some new ones.