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  1. I watched you grow from a private in ST, to a soldier in the 996th... Then I watched you become a major general and work your way to Grand General, I am so proud... I really am If you ever, ever, come back... The server will welcome you with open arms, and I will still chat with you on TS of course
  2. Name: Corvo Server Playtime: 8 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours (as of typing) [before time reset it would be about 14 weeks or more] Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: I have a combined total of 244 hours in mount and blade (base game) mount, blade warband and fire and sword Extra Info: Honestly Mount and Blade is one of my favorite game series in the world, If I recieve this key that would make me very happy but honestly I just want more people to have these games in their lives so to whoever gets this key... You are lucky and you need to make great use of a great amazing game
  3. So... Once again I am typing one of these up, I feel quite odd doing these... 3 years is a long time, I joined this community for the first ever time in december of 2016, but I was only on for a little bit before leaving again... I properly joined in november of 2017... 3 years ago, yes technically its 3 years this november but I am just wrapping this up now to hit two birds with one stone. I first properly joined when I was just a wee lad of 15 years of age, since then I have (I like to think) grown and matured a little bit, up to the point where I was a brigadier for 152 days, since moved to High Colonel due to position changes blah blah blah, It doesn't matter... I am 18 now *raises beverage containing alcohol* so... There's that I have an odd request of you lovely people, if you can think of a story of something you remember me doing over these past three years... Please comment it, I can't remember everything... So I'm curious about what you lovely people can remember about me, tally ho good chaps. xoxo Special thanks to dear friends of mine in this community for getting me this far Of course I must thank @Wolf the wonderful owner of this community for taking the reins of the community from Kosmos all that time ago, you are doing a great job mate... Keep it up @Cecil for inducting me into this wonderful Event Team last year, during his days as the Event Manager before he ascended to the plane of management (proud of you mate, keep swinging) @Grif Good on you mate for doing so well for yourself, back in the days of widow squad I remember when you were one of my cadre of officers who helped me manage the chaos that was the storm trooper corp... I know we like to mess around but seriously mate you have really earned what you have and I wouldn't see it any other way @Hammer Mate, what can I say about you... Seriously, I quite literally remember lil ol private hammer of the 996th guarding the old IHC... Ascended himself up to their commander and then to major general, and LOOK AT YOU NOW... so proud, keep kicking mate because I don't know what we'd do without you @arcturusious apparently you don't have a forum account General Sir! but just know this, I am endlessly thankful to you for what you have allowed for me, without you I'd still be in position amongst the storm troopers and your invitation to lead the Storm Commandos is one I appreciate above all else... I respect you as a person far more than I think I show and I apologize sincerely for ever doing anything to piss you off o7 @Loki Lieutenant General Ma'am... I always told myself that if I were to ever get a higher rank than you, I would still salute you... But as I suspected and as I hoped, you have gone far and beyond most expectations, but I know you have so much further to go... I wish you the best of luck @Rad_Cop Rad Cop mate, or... Should I say Grand Admiral sir! haha, yet another of my mates who I have seen really climb that pyramid scheme... Good on you, I'd say good luck in climbing it further but... I'm pretty sure you are at where you can most be XD here's to the future mate o7 @SCHEFF Scheff, you will always hold a place in my circle and heart for the good times you have showed me both in widow squad in the old days... Pretty sure you and Grif both served under me at one point, and look at you... Surface marshal equivalent Moff... I am infinitely proud of you and I wish you the best in whatever you want to do... Because we both know you'll do excellent @Tinky Tinky... You drive us all nuts and we love you for it, you will always be a mate... And if in the distant future I ever achieve the rank required to KOS... I will have a chat to Hammer about you being my first xoxoxo (this is a joke, for clarification everyone) @Rook Rook, you are a good mate and you are one of the best EM's I have known, I know I don't always... Live up to uh *cough* standards in the team but I'll be damned if I let the pattern continue (once my vacation ends and I'm in the state where my things are of course XD) Apologies if I didn't @ you but know that everyone in this community holds a place for me, I have spent 3 years of my life with it... The average person lives for what... About 79 years, I have spent about 3.8% of my life total with this community and I am not planning on going anywhere I WILL STRESS, THAT THIS IS NOT A GOODBYE... I AM NOT LEAVING, DON'T PANIC even though I know you wouldn't anyway XD (joking again) -Corvo
  4. I knew you were messing with me man... It will be an honor to us all if/when you eventually return to us, I shall have the legion perform a send off gun salute in your honor
  5. Name: Corvo Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050509172/ Server Playtime: 7 weeks, 4 days, 15 hours Why do you want to receive a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?: I would love to own a copy of this game to experience the story of a new chapter in the story of the universe I have dedicated an unhealthy amount of effort learning the tiny amount of stuff I know about it... Might as well have fun learning it Anything else you'd like to add?: Seen you around this community for ages Splonter, it's awesome to see you running stuff like this Good luck to the winner
  6. I was the person who said "Let's inspect the 374th next" as well XD
  7. Once again a story is forged in the fires of my brain... I have no idea if it's any good so once again, up-vote if it's good, down-vote if it ain't... Thanks guys! The Hunt Story by [ @Corvo ] Edited by [ @Mauler ] Characters [ @Corvo @Mauler @pechudo ]
  8. Corvo

    Droppin' In

    Welcome back @bert and welcome to the storm commandos
  9. This is an excellent application, and the event idea given was great... I especially love the flow chat... A funny way of dealing with how events go mid swing This man receives the Corvo stamp of approval which i would argue is worth immediate acceptance but i guess we should just have to settle with a giant +1 Good luck my friend, hope to see you on the team eventually o7 o7
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