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  1. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing Continued

    @Sully im not sure if it will go anywhere, but lore wise it would make sense for their to be the grand vizier hanging out with the emp, Probs in the gov, or IHC as someone else mentioned. However i also believe he would have free access to sith temple, due to the fact that he serves the emperor himself. Just a thought though
  2. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing

    @Sully do you have anyone in mind for the role?
  3. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing Continued

    @Sully reason i did this in the other forum, is because i didn't think it would go anywhere, but after a comment i read i felt it was a good idea to make a post in suggestions
  4. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing

    @Sully i can think of a few people who would be great in the role, @Jman1308 for example would be a great grand vizier
  5. here is the link to my initial thought, i thought it may be a good idea so i made this straw poll, let's see what happens. https://www.strawpoll.me/17043249, If yes wins then i could start a poll on more specific details about it but i want to test the waters first
  6. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing

    I have been reading up on info regarding the empire, and i was curious as to why the server doesn't have Grand Vizier Mass Amedda as a player character, considering he was basically the emperor's chief dude (except for vader obviously), the voice of the emperor if you will. Just a thought hope you guys can continue a little chat about this
  7. Corvo

    I'm leaving

    see ya man, Sad to see you go o7 o7
  8. Corvo

    2 Year Anniversary Video!

    He told us to do the act dance, And i did act robot.... SO WORTH IT
  9. Corvo

    Permanently Stepping Down

    See ya man, We never really interacted but i know you were a great community member. Sad to see you go. o7 o7 o7 o7 Good luck my friend
  10. Corvo

    Director Krennic's Goodbyes

  11. we will remember you my friend. the community will suffer without you Widow squad will always remember you WIDOW SQUAD AT ATTENTION, 11 GUN SALUTE O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7 O7
  12. Corvo

    Hornet's Farewell

    @addamcor My dear friend hornet, i will be forever grateful to you being the person who got me into widow a year ago, You will be sorely missed by us all and especially me all of widow squad thanks you for your service and i will be sure to teach the new members about you. You will never be forgotten my friend. hope we stay in touch -Corvo
  13. Corvo

    Remus' Pac3 Tier 1 Application

    +1 Mandor is a lad and would benefit from Pac tier one
  14. Corvo

    Deployable Turrets

    #widow would benefit greatly from this +1
  15. Wingza is a wonderful member of this community and a lad A fat +1 from me