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  1. Corvo

    The Best Of IG

    I do not know how to feel about the section focusing on myself and my boys.... So i'll just say that i love it
  2. anything at all to this thread and I will be picking 5 winners at 7:00pm AEST tonight.
  3. Welcome back ana, haven't seen you around in a while
  4. I didn't beg.... But i mean it worked XD @Mauler
  5. +1 Reasons stated above Good luck mate
  6. rook will we see this continued, i wanna see how this ends dammit @Rook ^
  7. Yep one day you will get CL-3+ sky hahahahaha @Sky
  8. Why hello lance corporal nice to see you on the forums and in my regiment Hope to see you around for a while
  9. Corvo

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    Mate i can see that in some realm of the universe this is a possible situation but the odds of your brother asking you that, i mean i can see him asking it but i don't see why he would then go onto said server to minge just to get banned again. I just can't see it happening personally i agree with @Sky Personally mate what i would advise you to do in this situation is take the loss on the chin and give it a few months to reapply to the server with the thoughts of what you had done in your mind so that you learn from it and grow as a person -Corvo
  10. Corvo

    Galle's Pac Deadass

    hahaha Poor galle
  11. HEY THAT WAS MY EVENT MY EVENT MADE AN AWESOME MOVIE Thanks pulse this means alot
  12. Need to introduce Lord Corvo and his legion WE WILL MARCH TO GLORY... All will taste our steel
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