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  1. Corvo

    Corvo's Commander application

    I Probably should have been a little more specific on the application (In fact i don't think i said it at all) But when i resign widow on the 4th i will be taking an extended break from imperial gaming (Several months probably), So if i were to be accepted into this commander slot i would be able to help out on the CWRP server without also having to worry about the imperial gaming server (Not the only reason but the one that seems most important to bring up) My recent inactivity stems from me trying to distance myself from my regiment a little more here and there, So i can make sure that they will be good when i leave
  2. Corvo

    Corvo's Commander application

    Yeah i fixed that, I should probably not make applications at 4am, Sorry for that
  3. Corvo

    Corvo's Commander application

    Steam Details Steam Name: Lord_Baemon (Corvo) [IG] Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:45121722 (((( steamid64- 76561198050509172 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050509172/ In Game Details In Game Name: Corvo In Game Rank: Major In Game Regiment: Widow/St's Time Played Imperial RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1619707316 (( 3 weeks 2 days 6 hours )) Time Played Clone Wars RP (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): ... Does IG count haha (I have played a little here and there, But i don't have a time for you, But i can easily learn it) If new to Imperial Gaming where are you coming from & why? I very much am not new XD Basic Questions Do you understand there is no guarantee of this application being successful? I'm fully aware, Just wanted to help you guys out and do my bit for the community Do you understand you will be subject to further testing beyond this application before even being considered for a role? I'm fine with that Do you understand if you currently hold a CO role on Imperial RP and are successful you will be forfeiting that role? I am 2IC of widow currently but i will be resigning on the 4th of february (Or whenever i have to really) Do you understand that a high level of professionalism is expected from individuals applying? Yep, I understand Why do you want to be a Commander on Clone Wars RP? Because i want to be a commander. But mainly because i want to help out the server, And give it at least one experienced commander to help out with the initial craze What experience do you have? A little over a year of command of widow squad and the st regiment, So.... you know, A little experience haha, Yeah but i have been on the server since mid november 2017, Gradually climbing my way up the rank ladder in widow squad, Finally landing myself in the major rank. I have trained countless soldiers in combat and leadership, I have lead the charge into multiple hostile bases and come out alive. I have seen things you would never imagine, And i want to see some more of it in the form of the republic and the separatists What sort of role and regiment do you wish to lead? (e.g. CO, 2IC, ARC, etc.)? I mean i know attack regiments pretty well, But i would be unfamiliar with which regiment that would specifically entail, So im gonna need a better list Why do you want to join us on Clone Wars RP? Because i want to help out the community, And i know that the clone wars rp server might need an experienced commander to pop over and help out, And i'd be happy to help out in whatever way i am able too. Plus i want to be there for the next big leap in IG's history and i would love to be considered one of the pioneers If new to Imperial Gaming, why do you believe you should be given this opportunity & what can you bring to the table from outside experience? I'm not new to imperial gaming, In fact i have been around for quite a chunk of time, But i have been in a position to gain a commander position for about 7-8 months now, So i have been kinda waiting for a while and this would finally give me the chance to command properly... and do my bit, I am taking an extended leave from IG after i resign from widow, So a CWRP server is a nice thing to put some of my time into, I'd love to see the community grow and to be a part of that, I would love to make even more new friends on this server, And even see some of my friends from ig pop on and say hi. Yeah sounds great Do you understand and accept that you will be heavily scrutinised by Management and the Community during this application process? I don't mind, do whatever you have too
  4. Corvo


    Sounds awesome but who will be the high command, Will people be able to transfer ranks over like how is the command structure going to work?
  5. Corvo

    Ban Appeal from a long time ago.

    @Planz Im basically staff XD
  6. @Bailey, Don't forget corvo's solid week of time being a wintoh XD
  7. Corvo

    Ban Appeal from a long time ago.

    What wombat said
  8. +1 You are still my boy cure, even though you joined gov you are still my boy and you would make an excellent staff member
  9. Corvo

    Merry Christmas Imperial Gaming!

    Jingle bells batman smells robin layed an egg, The batmobile lost a wheel and the joker got away Merry christmas imperial gaming
  10. Corvo

    End of an Era...

    RIP sully, can't wait to meet the new you
  11. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing

    That's fair, It was just a thought anyway. But thanks for reading it though @Whitey
  12. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing Continued

    @Sully im not sure if it will go anywhere, but lore wise it would make sense for their to be the grand vizier hanging out with the emp, Probs in the gov, or IHC as someone else mentioned. However i also believe he would have free access to sith temple, due to the fact that he serves the emperor himself. Just a thought though
  13. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing

    @Sully do you have anyone in mind for the role?
  14. Corvo

    Thoughts on a thing Continued

    @Sully reason i did this in the other forum, is because i didn't think it would go anywhere, but after a comment i read i felt it was a good idea to make a post in suggestions