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  1. Once again a story is forged in the fires of my brain... I have no idea if it's any good so once again, up-vote if it's good, down-vote if it ain't... Thanks guys! The Hunt Story by [ @Corvo ] Edited by [ @Mauler ] Characters [ @Corvo @Mauler @pechudo ]
  2. Corvo

    Droppin' In

    Welcome back @bert and welcome to the storm commandos
  3. This is an excellent application, and the event idea given was great... I especially love the flow chat... A funny way of dealing with how events go mid swing This man receives the Corvo stamp of approval which i would argue is worth immediate acceptance but i guess we should just have to settle with a giant +1 Good luck my friend, hope to see you on the team eventually o7 o7
  4. Yup... Guess i'm in a story writing mood... Again feedback is much appreciated Cloak and gun Story by [ @Corvo ] Edited by [ @Mauler @Rook ] Characters [ @taki @Mauler @Centurion (i think that's the right centurion, to be safe i'll @ both of them @Centurion_) and @pechudo ]
  5. I was bored and... Totally paying attention in class today, got bored and wrote this... My editor said it was aight. Please upvote if you like it, i'm not a writer as of yet so feedback is also appreciated Incident on Ord Mantell I know it's not a backstory, just didn't know where else to put it (Story written by @Corvo ) (Edited by @Mauler [Thanks bud!] ) (Characters- @pechudo @taki @Mauler @Corvo )
  6. Corvo

    My Return

    Ya boy corvo still kicking
  7. Corvo

    The Best Of IG

    I do not know how to feel about the section focusing on myself and my boys.... So i'll just say that i love it
  8. anything at all to this thread and I will be picking 5 winners at 7:00pm AEST tonight.
  9. Welcome back ana, haven't seen you around in a while
  10. I didn't beg.... But i mean it worked XD @Mauler
  11. +1 Reasons stated above Good luck mate
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