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  1. Thank you for this informative history post good sir. I publicly upvote this post.
  2. +1 Been thinking about this one for a while. Based of my time spent with you in engineers I see that you have made positives steps forward to improve on your role play. Your events aren't the usual Rebels board the ship and rush the bridge but the Infection event is extremely generic and done on a consistent basis. The syndicate one is more interesting as a story line could be built off of that, and I look forward to it should you be accepted into the EM staff team. P.S. I am glad to see you have changed your attitude towards Explosive Barrels
  3. +1 Valued gamer and I like to pick him constantly for my events
  4. +1 My time spent with Ajax has been an enjoyable one, and I truly believe that Ajax embodies the values that would be beneficial for both a member of the Staff Team and the Server / Its players.
  5. tom12126 ?


    We have to play it cool don't want ISB or Shock breaking us up. The real passion goes on behind the scenes
  6. tom12126 ?


    This isnt a shitpost! it's a celebration of our love!
  7. The moment an event is annouced via the No More tryouts / Trainings people start asking for tools for these door dupes, I guess I just need to hand out Detonators now.
  8. In the future, dont let them in, I'll just get my characters to tell me and I'll try to RP it out better than you feeling forced to let them in 'in case it ruins the event if you dont' Im all for these doors, I can just give trusted people detonators to blow them up.
  9. I didnt notice the prop block in front of navy, otherwise I would have given someone a detonator to blow through the fading door. As for the 2 doors deleted, I dont really care as long as they were deleted in RP, IE a sith uses his lightsaber to cut through the door or IC / 31st / 442nd blow through the door with their explosives. I only found out about the Incinerators burning the general alive after debrief, not sure what they were thinking but eh.
  10. It's Jigsaw, how are you so blind? the whole "I want to play a game" is a clear reference to the SAW franchise
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