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  1. Really gonna miss ya Kix. You have been a great mate and excellent help to everyone no matter the issue, it’s going to be really sad to see you go and I wish you all the best. Go meet up with Maurice and king hit some boys for us at MT. Hope so see ya back at some point.

    Big ups


  2. 4 hours ago, Spin said:

    +1 good guy.


    4 hours ago, Ramirez said:

    +1, Top Bloke


    4 hours ago, Red said:



    4 hours ago, Emerald said:



    4 hours ago, NickArino said:

    +1 Top Lad

    even tho our Regs Hate each other xD

    No hate from me lad 

    3 hours ago, cjhrjone54 said:

    I don't hate you ;_;


    +1. Great guy, really good RP (tria-ting-triangulate), and he's already EM so if he had PAC he could certainly make a really unique Event and-or Event Character experience.


    3 hours ago, Maffa146 said:



    3 hours ago, Haz said:

    +1 awesome dude

    I have been messing around with him in Singleplayer and he turned to have some pretty awesome ideas. I just think if he can get used to the PAC editor he can really make some awesome PACs


    3 hours ago, Delta said:


    Brokers a good lad

    Good luck babe


    3 hours ago, Spook said:



    2 hours ago, Happy said:




    2 hours ago, Phresh Zeisty said:



    1 hour ago, Dane said:

    +1 10/10


    1 hour ago, Kix said:

    Broker my boy.


    9 minutes ago, Puppy said:



    Cheers for the positive feedback big mates

  3. What is your In-game name: Captain Broker [Pharmacist] [Guard-2]


    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39646233


    Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039558194/


    Play time: 1w, 5d, 18h


    Have you used PAC Before: I have been using PAC in single player for a week now I believe that I have my bearings in using the editor. In addition, I have experience in Blender which is a similar program.


    Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe that I can be trusted with PAC because I’m a person that is driven and interested in learning new things, has a good understanding and follower of rules and protocol this is evident when looking at my warns and bans of which I have zero. While some people may not know me, I am a very active member of the community on both my instances within it January 2017 – March 2017 and November 2017- January 2018 and those that do know me will confirm that I am quite dedicated and trustworthy


    Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph)? I would like accesses to the PAC tool, so I could improve my RP on the server. As someone from the Medical Corp I am regularly involved in RP I would like to utilize PAC to do actions such as observing life signs, doing scans, observing bodies and taking blood to name a few. In addition, I believe that I could bring these ideas to my event characters. I would also like PAC to make myself stand out more from those within my regiment, so I can be easily identifiable.


    Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph)? I believe I deserve PAC due to the factors stated above, I have no kick/bans meaning that I will not abuse PAC, I’m a dedicated member of the community who is always willing to learn and improve, I have practical uses from PAC that I will use daily.

    Examples of PAC


  4. +1 I agree with everything everyone else is saying with one extra thing that I think needs to be said is Plutonic has shown great ambition and drive to improve his skills in PAC and personally I think that he could become really excellent in using the editor due to these factors.

  5. 4 hours ago, LePaul said:


    I like the detail put into the events.

    There are a couple of spelling mistakes in this application, make sure to proof read.

    Cheers for the +1 and also the constructive criticism, had a quick touch up on the application hopefully most of the errors are now corrected. One of the negative aspects of submitting so early in the morning.

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