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  1. -1: what everyone else is saying, read over your App and put some more detail in there and I'll change my opinion
  2. Broker


    Really gonna miss ya Kix. You have been a great mate and excellent help to everyone no matter the issue, it’s going to be really sad to see you go and I wish you all the best. Go meet up with Maurice and king hit some boys for us at MT. Hope so see ya back at some point. Big ups Broker
  3. +1: Good app, great dedication, some nice ideas which as well realised and easy to follow. I think he could be a excellent EM
  4. +1 Big Mate, known him for like 3 months, extremely loyal and trustworthy
  5. +1 Top mate and one of the best role players on the server
  6. +1 seen some of his PACs are they are really good with heaps of effort put into them. Good guy, really mature, solid candidate for PAC
  7. No hate from me lad Cheers for the positive feedback big mates
  8. +1 Good guy, very helpful, excellent builder and events are well structured and thought-out. Good App
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