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  1. Can i be honest with you mate, I just really want to get back on to the server... I recon there is more to the story this is just what i can remember. Hopefully the person who banned me can basically tell the full story because i really just want to get back on the server
  2. In-game alias: MyCookedNugget Your SteamID: ( STEAM_0:0:59749392 ) ( 76561198079764512 ) When was the ban: ( Well when i join the server everything says unknown except *Perma Ban* the ban happened at-least maybe a year ago. How long is the ban: ( Perma BAN ) Which admin banned you: ( It says unknown but it was a super-admin at the time ) Explain the situation: ( Basically, I joined the server while there was event going down and i was waiting patiently to get trained, After spamming admin chat for like 40 mins i decided to become abusive. I Requested and admin at-
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