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  1. MrKayeST

    Veles Leaving

    Good Luck with your future endeavour's.
  2. MrKayeST

    Since when was this a thing?

    The main reason why you say loads of people have been granted is purely because of their PL tests that we conduct with them. If they are flying for the sake of it then they should be talked to. Others on this post have also said it quite well and would like to reiterate that this has always been a thing but has only been brought up every know and then. Now like I said on the server to you, some Navy mainly the new Navy members may not know this which is ok to a degree, but they should get taught this and hopefully they do, which would resolve this problem.
  3. MrKayeST

    Axle's EM Application

    Totally agree with what Goliath has said but I will -1. Especially because of the 2 warns for Racism and the player disrespect warn. I am really uncertain if you can be trusted with this responsibility.
  4. MrKayeST

    Crackers Unban Appeal (22/03/18)

    Remember, ban appeals are for staff only to comment on.
  5. MrKayeST

    Adam's Farewell (well maybe)

    Good luck with your future!
  6. MrKayeST

    Crunchy T-MOD Application

    -1 Immature Lack of respect for others Can be mingy at certain points Good luck!
  7. MrKayeST

    UNBAN Mattymadmatt642

  8. MrKayeST

    My Inactivity

    We also have another person in the Community who is experiencing the same issue, and is proving difficult to fix.
  9. MrKayeST

    Arcturusious's PAC3 Tier One Application

    +1 Good luck.
  10. MrKayeST

    Chimaera: Origins

    Wow, great story and great to see the regiment is in good hands. Unfortunate that their was no story of the really early Chimaera squad members. @Jimka Ahh those were the days, we still have a few old Naval Guard hanging around.
  11. MrKayeST

    Kronos' Tier 1 Pac Application

    +1 Responsible player. Good at RP and Tier 1 would suite him well. Pacs look great. Detailed application. All round great person to be with while playing on the server.