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  1. ill leave this here
  2. if you like half life this is a good documentary about it.
  3. Flipps

    The Chimera

    dw ill make a part 2
  4. Flipps

    The Chimera

    Dont flame the end graphic was lazy
  5. Are action commandos lore characters?
  6. Hey! Palpatines Hoop challenge is legit
  7. You should try a public training, Will help you improve your climb swep .
  8. Flipps

    A Sheevy Christmas

    Action is coming
  9. Flipps


    people sleeping whats offensive about that?
  10. I think i need to host a medical session...
  11. Dont forget to install the Teamspeak pluging for taskforce Radio http://radio.task-force.ru/en/
  12. ill give you a hand
  13. I love it, I turn on the news to make sure it wasnt a real siren warning me of inbound ICBM
  14. if anyone wants a god glaz hmu
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