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  1. Flipps

    Christmas Help!

  2. Flipps

    The Chimera

    dw ill make a part 2
  3. Flipps

    The Chimera

    Dont flame the end graphic was lazy
  4. Flipps

    IG - Anniversary Awards Voting

    Are action commandos lore characters?
  5. Flipps

    Credit Shakedowns

    Hey! Palpatines Hoop challenge is legit
  6. Id be down to play as I have no idea how to be a game master
  7. Flipps

    Arkan's Trial Moderator Application

    If I could insta-approve i would. Massive +1
  8. Flipps

    Bailey's Staff Report

    You should try a public training, Will help you improve your climb swep .
  9. Flipps

    Rivers / Mars - Trial Mod Application

    +1 and plus +10 for the weezer picture
  10. Flipps

    A Sheevy Christmas

    Action is coming
  11. Flipps

    Bailey's EM Application - 22/08/18

    You have the support of the Action Commandos. E L I T E + 1
  12. Flipps

    Archer's Trial Moderator Application

    Thick + 1
  13. Flipps


    people sleeping whats offensive about that?
  14. Flipps

    |Stryker|'s MilSim Application

    Passed his 4 Missions, Excellent work you have been promoted to rank of private.
  15. Hosting an operation tonight that isnt going to be related to our current campaign. Going to be a surprise so if your interested server is open at 6.30 Unfortunately just got called into work so will have to be postponed till a later date, apologies for the inconvenience.