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  1. so these were the posts that caused my thank you staff team post to disappear....

    3 hours ago, Kamelieon said:

    Bunk trick or treating :thumbsup:



    1 hour ago, Delta said:

    So god help me if i see more than 2 people wearing an among us pac



    1 hour ago, Echo said:

    kinda sus Delta *votes for Delta*


    53 minutes ago, Clover said:

    * sees storm with catgirl ears * me: where is my god damn ak-47


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  2. Hey I was thinking of making one of these posts but I was looking back through general and found this. I thought I would just bump it back to the top because I truly think the Staff team have been going above and beyond for the community recently. I have been doing a few summaries of the recent posts for some of the higher ups on the team and I feel good doing it because I know that what they are doing is their best to take in suggestions and opinions from the community, to make sure that we all enjoy our times on the server. 

    Everyone has been putting in a lot of time into the new weapon rework and while a few people have their doubts, I think bottom line it's great that management and the team have been constantly looking for input, asking commanders and the rest of us plebeians what we want and what we think would be suitable for our regiments. On top of that they have just been doing a great job recently of just keeping us going, running events in and out of actual missions. Since coming back I have been loving my time on the server, it gives off a great vibe and especially with stuff like Cecil's bullying post, it all just feels like a community that I can exist in knowing that I won't be judged or looked down on for my hobbies and unhealthy star wars obsession. 

    From me to the staff team. Thank you for making my time on the server even from when I joined years ago, such an amazing time and a place I yearn to come back to after a bad day, or a long day of work. It is a world I can exist in where I can be myself while not being myself at the same time. I feel truly at home and the ongoing evolution of the community and server only pushes me to stay. I wish I stayed all those years ago like @SCHEFF has but what happens happens. Can't stay DT forever I guess. You guys fucking rock and I love ya work. Peace. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Clover said:

    realistically BH wouldn't be killing people on a ISD and also people paying them to do so

    it's always a possibility, but of course, it is a game and with games, especially ones like gmod. compromises between realism and mechanics need to be made based on what can actually be achieved. 

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  4. On 10/12/2020 at 10:56 AM, Clover said:

    everything is getting nerfed. so statistcly you shouldn't be dying any faster. 

    and if you have 5 people shooting you should die anyways. it doesn't make sense why you wouldn't

    well I mean realistically bounty hunters were very skilled and could escape large amounts of people so it kind of would make sense. sure every now and then they would get unlucky but they should be able to escape cause like how else did they get to where they were 

  5. 2 hours ago, Ragnar said:

    Very cool, I wrote an entire backstory for Chief of Staff R. Indellon a bit ago and that was neat. I will possibly be writing another backstory shortly. I am very happy to see the descendants of Regional Government doing well for themselves.

    @Mongo doing good work my dude

    @SetsunaStick to IHCA, it may seem bland after a while but if you stick with it, it can help the server for the better

    Cant wait  to read it my dude. Not planning on leaving IHCA any time soon my guy, I got my fair share of militiary and admin work between 501st and IHCA so im not exactly bored. After my time in ISB I found a love for this stuff, I didn't really want to do anything else for a long time. Still kinda don't.

  6. At times like these when the server is down, do you ever just find yourself yearning for that map ambience, that slow churning of the reactor that can be heard and felt throughout the ship. Do you ever just wish to be able to feel it coursing through your bones, vibrating up your spine and knocking on the door to your brain.

    The constant screeching of TIE fighters flying around the ship, the sound just on repeat and at the same ear piercing volume. Making you wish for a quick and painless death but you can just tell that nothing is painful once you endure that sound.

    The sounds of climbswep abuse echoing through the halls followed by the crack of broken bones. The very unfazed cry of the person saying "ow". 

    The terrible microphones, the constant use of voice_maxgain because you can't hear anyone. The shouting, the spamming, the cutting out. All of it melting into one big puddle that floods your brain with headaches.

    Do you ever miss the constant entertainment of funny minges andthe satisfaction of them getting warned? 

    The constant spamming of your salute bind when you walk down a crowded hallway or whenever someone new comes into the room. 

    The constant infatuation with gambling that Imperial Gaming is indoctrinating children with from an early age.

    The beauty that is a mexican standoff between any two parties in RP.

    Do you ever miss that sound of a thousand doors opening and closing as you walk through bunk hallways on the first and third floors.

    How unorganized debriefs can be. 

    How thicc @Pro is.

    Do you ever miss it?

    I feel as though by the time anyone sees this post the server will be back up.

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  7. download.jpg.824bdc3ff03b84aaebcb1b590901be1b.jpg

    These are a few things I have caught being said on the server, most of them are just @Echo hurting my eyes:
















    These next ones are just a few clips I have shadowplayed during my time back. Yes I play on a 5:4 ratio monitor I'm sorry ok?:

    The time COMPFORCE arrested me in front of the STs:

    The tuth:

    I dunno man I just tabbed in to see this.


    Misahu Extenderino:

    The best pilot:


    And some Gusky fanservice:


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  8. 1 minute ago, Mongo said:

    Very Beautiful and descriptively long.

    I do enjoy how little lily is mentioned for being a coward and disgracing the name velus by fleeing and becoming fao.

    however Roxelio did have security with her, just there was literally barely any remains left upon complete destruction of her ship to discern who was aboard other than what was priorly logged before their departure.

    ah OK well I will change that 

  9. This is the story of Chrissalyn Rath Velus, my character. I have included a family past going back four generations. I will not tell the stories of Roxelio M. Velus or Lily C. Velus for reasons that will be stated within the story (Told from my character's point of view).  I also changed a few names to be more lore friendly as you will see. I included my ISB past as I used the same character when I was in ISB so it felt only right to add it to my past.

    I do love writing and story telling, while it may not be my strong suit, I take pride in it. Mind you, most of this was written at 4am so please don't expect it to be perfect. I also do not expect you all to be able to get through the whole thing as it is a mighty 8 pages long but do your best as it does provide quite the adventure. I hope you enjoy and that this brings a little more understanding to my character. I know the censored bits can be a bit annoying but they add aesthetic :) 


    “A Velus never fares well when they find themselves alone on Coruscant”



    - @Cracked as Lily C. Velus 

    - @Mongo as Roxelio M. Velus

    - @Guskywalker as Gus Walker, Tarkin and Krennic

    - @SCHEFF as Sous Scheff

    - @Pro as Pro

    - @Maus as Maus Aurelia

    - @Chris as Christopher Maldek

    - @Echo as Storm

    - @LimeStrider as Lime 

    - @Hideyoshi as Hideyoshi Kinoshita

    - @Tinky as Tank Volhigh

    - @Joel as Joel Barmaleigh

    - @Edwards as James H. Edwards

    - @Lincoln as Lincoln A. Manchester

    - @Pablo as Pablo Monarch


    Sorry for @ing so many of you but I want to genuinley thank each of you as I don't think that my experience would have been as amazing and captivating as it has been without any of you. So for that I do thank you and it was sad to return and see so many of the old names I remember gone but I have loved getting to know this new generation.



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  10. Suh, the only interaction I have had with you, you were a little lost child which was funny as fuck to me but you seem chill so I hope we can have more interactions. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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  11. 6 hours ago, Pvtanderson said:

    I'll start this off by stating that I had really hoped someone like Theta would have been more involved in these decisions instead of having to come to the forums to ask. It must be so frustrating for him being the highest ranking AHC but still feeling somewhat powerless in this regard.

    My whole time since returning to the server there has been nothing interesting (my opinion) in terms of army regiments. I remember back in 2018/19 there was so much more variety in the regiments and I feel like it was in a better place in general. I dont mean to offend anyone here but if you look at all the current regiments they seem so bland and uninteresting. Lets look at 275th mainly, there is so much potential there in terms of donator regiments, hell even a system like Gateway's could work where you donate for any regiment (even to add one) but you have to talk to high command and management before paying. The current 3 (shadow, sky, evo) are imo just taking up 3 slots that could be so much better utilised, I do also like the idea of them being smaller squad type regiments.

    In terms of the officer/co ranks this is definitely an issue, you shouldn't be in a higher position just because you have been there for awhile. If a CO or an officer is inactive or not doing enough for their regiment they should not be in the role, a way we could go about this is regular evaluations completed by both high command and the regiments troopers. I myself have felt that the past 2 times I got into a CL 3 position was too easy, it is my opinion that we need to drastically cut down on high ranks and give the senior NCOs more power to do stuff just like real life.

    This is coming from someone who has not been in an army regiment for awhile now and I don't ever see myself returning to the army especially in its current state.

    My two cents, literally everything said here is what I would have said. Since returning to the server (granted I was never an army boi, pencil pushing was always for me) the only real appeal to army for me was the fact that I could run around with Gusky like in the old days. Once I was given the opportunity from Cracked to join IHCA with him I took it because the army just wasn't giving me much of a reason to stay, nothing was new and it kinda felt like I had come back to the server and there was even less to attract me this time. 

    The Idea of squad type regiments would be great, it could definitley aid in pushing people out of overly crowded regiments that could easily function as a smaller unit, and into other regiments that could use the numbers. 

    14 hours ago, yeff said:

    As I was recently within ST's for 2 days, I can safely say that ST's are legitimately getting a fair share of RP and engagement with the server because of the efforts of STC. Storm troopers are legitimately the only regiment that I've been regularly conducting patrols or the like. Storm Troopers are constantly kept engaged with constant training from STC or are assigned posts by STC. I don't wish to offend anyone, but I think more Officers need to take notice of how STC is doing their job and recreate it. I believe there need to be a higher level of focus on how CO's/Officers choose to engage with their regiment and their responsibility to keep their regiment entertained during downtime between events. 

    I couldn't agree with this more, since I left STs I have seen Joel and Jugger really step up. They really find ways to keep their men entertained regardless of whether or not those men are going to stay or leave. I think that other COs could definitley pick up some stuff from them.

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