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  1. Setsuna

    Dictator Binne

    This was very Aladeen!
  2. Thank you, this is an honour coming from an artist such as yourself
  3. Thank you my guy! I would love to see yours! Thank you!!! I am planning on doing way more of this stuff so I will send them through when I do! <3 Knowing you, their teeth are halfway to their ass by then.
  4. HA yes!!!!! thanks dude thats super encouraging! I try my best to make them look like scenes that could be in the show so your words are very much appreciated!
  5. uM eXCusE mE thERe is A mOVEr tOol foR RagDOllS, no I didn't know about this! thank you for enlightening me and I love your screenshots. Yeah back when I first got into SWRP I decided I was going to use the newfound content to create whatever I wanted or wished to see in the series that was never done. I love making content and while I really dont have what it takes to become an EM I am happy enough just making things for myself and whoever wants to see it.
  6. Hey everyone I am a lover of storytelling, I love to write my own stories and do what I can to depict them in words. Garrys Mod gave me the opportunity to take that creativity to the next level. Now I have no knowledge of animation or anything like it but I use my imagination to create scenes that I think look quite cool and tell some story that is left to the interpretation of the viewer. Here are some of the screenshots that I managed to find, there aren't many at all but I was wondering what you guys thought of them. I had more but they have been lost over the many PC/Laptop changes. I
  7. HAHAHAHAH geez nah man thats fine, im already at 3 & 1/2 days so im making my progress nicely. Im not too fussed. Oath, g'day Mauler haven't heard your name in a quick hot fucken minute.
  8. dude it shows the exact moment that our lives would change forever and we would have to move to the other stand D:
  9. Setsuna

    IHC Tournament

    this is sick. the commentating is the best part
  10. welcome back buddy!
  11. lmaoooooo wait i think i remember you, werent you inferno or something at one point maybe a pilot.
  12. Yeah thats what I was thinking but at the same time it does open a few doors reagardless. The only screenshot I have was that one from 2018. Honestly I'm cool just getting back to where I was but I thought I would shoot a shot and see if it would land.
  13. That is an excellent habit to get into and I will start doing that thank you.
  14. I understand that but it's more in a sense that It helps get me to a point where I can pick up where I left off, submitting applications become available to me and I wont lie but I want to be able to verify that I have been here for a good amount of time.
  15. Hey so I have been on and off since 2017, Both times I have had a substiantial amount of ULX playtime but each time I have take some time off it has been reset on my return. I am not too fussed about the first lot but my time in ISB the last screenshot I have records my time being 6 Weeks 4 Days and 9 Hours. If it's at all possible to return that game time to its most previous state I would be forever greatful but if not I am happy to keep the grind going but it would be a shame to see the time wasted. I was extremley active under Gusky so if you want to ask for someone to vouch my activ
  16. I don't recall the Director Kevin incident but I do remember the RST reg and that it wasn't around for long. And I do recall a Mongo. So thank you man, I will come by and say hi when I see you. Thank dude! Thank you my man! I feel so betrayed... jkjk I am surprised you remember me! I was just under the impression you didn't and accepted my fate. But yes! that is me! 2nd Lieutenant Setsuna reporting for duty, Colonel Chef!
  17. Hey! My name is Chrissy, I have been on and off on in this community since 2017. I have served within the ranks of the mighty 212th, as an officer in the Death Troopers under Guskywalker, and once again under Gusky as his personal bitc- I mean executive secretary. I enjoy finding a regiment and sticking it through until something comes up and I have to drop off the radar for a few months and start fresh but I have returned and am doing my best to create a name for myself as a loyal trooper of the 81st Detatchment of Stormtroopers in the 73rd unit under Gusky. I only become an RDMing minge when
  18. Need a towel for that?? Thanks man good to be back!
  19. OH!!! mord!! yesss heaps good to see you dude!! man that’s crazy hey yeah hope to see you round soon
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