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  1. nah like as long as you end up doing something u enjoy that's kinda all that matters, atar doesn't mean shit after you start getting work experience
  2. you don't join medics to never die. everyone dies at some point some more than others.
  3. you got this dude, trust me use year 11 to build good study habits if u haven't already cause year 12 is where it counts. Year 11 is easy and it'll seem hard at the time but it's nothing compared to HSC.
  4. Meatball Sub, Italian Herbs and Cheese footlong toasted with cheddar. Lettuce, onion, jalapenos, pickles, garlic aioli and hot chilli sauce.
  5. I couldn't be there but I have seen snippets from you and a few others, it looked amazing! You are a great map creator and I cannot wait for the final product.
  6. Hey guys I know alot of you are doing your HSC or whatever it is called where your from and people are also doing yearly exams in general. Good luck everyone! As someone who graduated with a 91.72 ATAR with ADD, all I can say is study helps but not when you overload yourself! Get sleep, take breaks and stay healthy because it is better to have a good study session than a long unproductive one. Don't be shy to chuck in those LOAs and make sure that in this time you are putting your education first because there is a freedom to being able to do what you want in Uni or wherever you go after schoo
  7. too bad you couldn't have been there as a lil ship too
  8. Proud to be one of the three exploadies
  9. I think if there is a way of filtering applications out of the notifications then yes its an amazing idea to get people onto the forums.
  10. What I want to be and what I'm going to be are two very different paths. I personally have always wanted to be a movie director, screenplay writer and story writer, the ability to write, design and imagine a scene in your head then being able to bring it to life for others to see and enjoy has always been such an amazing idea to me. I myself lack the qualities to pull off such an amazing career but it has always been my dream. At the moment I am studying a bachelor of Law and Psychology and doing some criminology stuff on the side, I am really enjoying it and it keeps me busy enough. I a
  11. so these were the posts that caused my thank you staff team post to disappear.... lmaoooo
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