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  1. So tonight after I played an awkward game of among us with a bunch of randoms I just met through a childhood friend, My girlfriend came in telling me that Ice are rocks (completely out of the blue). I told her that they're not and that Ice is a mineral and she was like no. The periodic table labels ice a mineral and I learned in class years ago that minerals are described as solids that are stable at room temperature. But then she looks up Wikipedia and changes her argument saying that it's not for water ice. So. What is Ice? a mineral, a rock or a liquid that looks and feels funny.
  2. Setsuna

    A simple game.

    damn it wait im gonna be at work
  3. Genuine Question because I feel like im going mad, I have played on and off IG since 2016 and I have seen a few ST elite squads, but can someone name them for me because I think i remember Hornet squadron but that might have been another server
  4. IHCA has some pretty badass bitches in it. Piss us off and your CL test results just might come a bit late >:) Also tryouts for the Velus Book Club are open pm me for more details.
  5. bruh the fucking nostalgia I'm getting from these regs
  6. she has high heels that hurt
  7. UPDATE: The misses doesn't like @Bailey and also is not happy with everyone who disagrees.
  8. man it's so simple ho what can they not see it
  9. Straws have 1 hole not 2! My girlfriend and I had a fight yesterday because she told me that straws have 2 holes, I said she was dumb cause they only have one hole but she holds her point and won't move. Straws have 1 hole! Change my mind!
  10. I don't want to reopen a wound here, but right now you guys have 7 slots. You're all one regiment. I don't see this happening at all. MRD is also not a separate role from MT which means that they would have to code a whole other class for it or model you guys every time. There are just a lot of reasons as to why it wouldn't work.
  11. imperial gaming dayz star wars server
  12. Setsuna

    A simple game.

    why is this so intimidating, I feel like I should be scared.
  13. damn okay so I guess continuously writing candy corn in chat isn't helping me
  14. could end up being mistaken for a 501st cl3 that's the only reason I could see it not working out
  15. oh gosh that sounds like a sleeper insurgency waiting for the right moment to perform a coup
  16. Setsuna


    I am a 2017 asshole and your name sounds familiar but I doubt you remember me.
  17. I agree 100% with this. I also agree with Bailey. These posts are prone to become debates which end up getting shut down, summarised and handed to management anyway. It's better to make a document and hand it to Theta and Management instead of posting it. and waiting for everyone to rip each other apart. just my piece.
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