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  1. lmao she was gonna make one anyway so she could post these instead of me UPDATE: she just did ffs i hate you
  2. She already found em... just a a matter of time.
  3. she knows full well that I'm doing this has a bit of a laugh when she sees the titles and how I word it, we have been together for 3 years now and have been good friends for more than that. she also enjoys going through the posts and seeing what y'all say. Thanks for the advice though mate.
  4. Yeah I was just testing him, you know, to see if he knew it...
  5. maybe even club penguin
  6. my math teacher used to say, math is love, math is life. this man was a 60 year old Indian man and he was the best teacher I'd ever had, this proves that he knew what the fuck he talked about even if he enjoyed sitting there watching me play happy wheels in class
  7. you should make me the deathstar
  8. I do apologise for turning this post into an argument, I won't apologise for my opinions but I do want to say that Gus and management have been working their arses off for this rework and it looks like its gonna be a fucken blast, I look forward to seeing it in action even if in doing it being a desk or hiding behind tarkin
  9. just take time to read what each person said. like I said I'm done, I'll admit I should have been done a while ago.
  10. I'm done man, you guys just downvote, everything I have heard from each of you is a different story. Too hard to follow and I can't be bothered trying to help if you're not going to listen. Good Luck.
  11. and you do understand that I didn't know that and I'll quote Dane here: that's all I had man, sorry if I hurt you with my words. mate I'm sympathetic with your issues but there have been so many posts about it that people are getting tired of it. and to answer you, my reply was simply a solution, if we have a problem most of us go make a document and go to management or the development team. But you guys just post publically about it and nothing happens. just trying to help you so u don't have to keep pleading on the forums.
  12. if no MT has raised it with management then why are you expecting to just get fixed? Look Dane your one of the only guys who has posted a medic post I agree with but mate just talk to A dev or management and a simple issue of equipment slots can be fixed is all iim saying.
  13. Mate, it's a fixable and reasonable complaint. Please, oh please just do what the rest of us do and go to management about it because the user population that reads these posts has no power to actually fix it.
  14. "Administrative Assistant" Hmm that sounds familiar... @Hideyoshi @Cracked
  15. nah id rather do it here, get the opinions from people I actually interact with.
  16. So the time between this one and the last one is alot less than the first and second but tonight after work just met up with my girlfriend and another couple for a night out, we found ourselves at a bar and someone asked the question of if you cut a sandwich in half, do you have two sandwiches or two halves of a sandwich. She argued heavily that it was two halves of a sandwich regardless which is dumb because the answer to the question is situational, when I was doing hospitality work, we would make finger food such as finger sandwiches. These were three small sandwiches cut from a larger sand
  17. you always know just waht to say
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