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  1. Hey, so I'm gonna chuck a -1, looking at everything presented on this appeal, all I see is that you got banned for a pretty serious offence then while on probation got arrested then disconnected to avoid it. Now if what you are saying is true and the disconnect was a mistake fair game, but bottom line is that you also stated:

    8 hours ago, AquaRicky said:

    I do remember from months ago that i would of been arrested a lot and i’ve waited all those times out as it’s not a reasonable punishment to be jailed.

    It doesn't give me a good impression if you were being arrested alot because those kinds of players are normally borderline if not blatant minges. If you have reasons as to why that is not the case I'm happy to hear them and maybe change my stance but for now I'm sorry but I'm gonna be giving it a negative

  2. 10 minutes ago, Bailey said:


    I don't like the idea, sometimes vehicles aren't allowed to be spawned by Staff members since the Server is laggy, sharing that with users could be a bit of trouble considering its not as easy to tell everyone on the Server "Don't spawn vehicles." Gives staff something to do as well.


    43 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Pros: 80% of staff tickets won't be requesting for vehicles (that's just an estimate)

    ISC aren't waiting for the ticket to be claimed, they can instantly deploy

    Tracks ISC Budget

    Configured to only have vehicles used by ISC (TIE's, Lambda etc. No non Empire Vehicles)


    Cons: Can be abused (like Engineer Tools)


    Personally I think this is a good idea, but should only be given to CL2's (like how Engineers get Fort Tablet at CL2) and preventative measures should be added to minimise abusing

    maybe add a loading screen for pulling out the ship (Pulling Ship out of Storage...) for a bit more realism instead of spawning it in like a prop

    just do add on, at the same time, ships will be spawned against the wishes of ems during events and it would all get a little messy. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, Nana_ said:

    Hello I am Zuckuss in game otherwise the ass who spams ooc with his shit jokes. Thank you for your time sharks and I look forward to your investments. I plan on being here for a while

    ur jokes are still better than hideyoshi's and you dont threaten me with demotions if I dont laugh so I like you. Welcome.

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  4. seeing as @thedumbgirlfriend decided to join the forums we had a chat over dinner tonight discussing my role on the server in more detail and she started asking questions like oh how do you become a general and whatnot, after answering the questions  and having a little more of a discussion. I realized if she was to join the server she would be quite ambitious and power hungry. Her questions mainly focused on the more influential and powerful roles and their own potential.

    Now my question to you, and I understand that it depends on the person but, is a hunger for power necessarily bad thing? I feel like it is a personality trait that can be taken negatively but at the same time can lead to ambition and progress which are relatively viewed in a positive light. 

    A little bonus question. Do you think you are power hungry and looking for leadership roles or would you rather sit back and be a soldier rather than a leader.

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