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  1. just do add on, at the same time, ships will be spawned against the wishes of ems during events and it would all get a little messy.
  2. just slapped my girlfriend after saying I like your cut g, that doesn't count as abuse right? 

    1. Storm


      It's only abuse if anyone sees it /me puts on smart glasses

    2. Setsuna
  3. Setsuna


    ur jokes are still better than hideyoshi's and you dont threaten me with demotions if I dont laugh so I like you. Welcome.
  4. just cleared out the maternity ward with a Nerf gun and a dream. #Multikill #Pogchamp 

  5. I was watching kung-fu panda with the 501st and @thedumbgirlfriend joined me and the whole time kept talking about how it Had so many similarities with to star wars. Oogway was Qui Gon, Obi wan was Shifu, Tai lung was anakin/vader, po was luke. all this stuff, there was a yoda/luke training scene and all this stuff. I agree a little but it's a bit farfetched for sure. Any opinions?
  6. suck my dick cracked I aint doing this shit not after what rook put me through ily tho
  7. haven't there been like several of these posted recently?
  8. seeing as @thedumbgirlfriend decided to join the forums we had a chat over dinner tonight discussing my role on the server in more detail and she started asking questions like oh how do you become a general and whatnot, after answering the questions and having a little more of a discussion. I realized if she was to join the server she would be quite ambitious and power hungry. Her questions mainly focused on the more influential and powerful roles and their own potential. Now my question to you, and I understand that it depends on the person but, is a hunger for power necessarily bad thi
  9. yes! ban her! I knew she was too dumb to graduate with me
  10. @smith how many credits for me to call a hit on @thedumbgirlfriend
  11. well then aos the world smith and i didnt do anything
  12. well, you can never pinpoint it to me im gonna take necessary precautions now.
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