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  1. ever been afraid of putting something in ur butt cause u might like it too much?

  2. "Galactic Marines are now on the donation store! Joking I just fucken paid for it before putting it up, suck my dick" - Gonna be Bailey
  3. "For those who have more money than sense, the 107th Siege Squad is now on the donation store for 55 AUD" Not even a minute later... "Binny has more money than sense, its no longer on the donation store"
  4. why whyyy I thought this was my thing D:
  5. What is this. I am being mimiced, immitated, copied! WELL. ImMiTatION is ThE moST SinCErE FoRM oF flATterY.
  6. who do you think you are, asking needlessly contriverisal and meaningless questions on the forums is my turf.
  7. why the fuck are there 4 votes for the second one wtf
  8. I am the recent posts

  9. 💩 shit don't need glasses, shit got 2020 vision ur blinder than shit
  10. I completely agree with you and I'm. probably not gonna write as much on this post as I have on the others cause I've basically said everything and would just be repeating myself.
  11. Honestly I myself being Christian too would say that I can agree with you on some things but definitely disagree with others. But we can save that for a chat in discord. Dude I get it, religion can suck, but you can't make the mistake of seeing the religion as the experience that made you hate it, in your case it might have been the people that connected you to that religion. And of course I'm making an assumption there and I could well be wrong but we are on the same page with our stance on indoctrination.
  12. Bro I wouldn't know what it would be like in your shoes so thank you for enlightening me. But as someone who grew up from a young age in a Christian church, by the time I was 17 all I knew was that my closest and longest friends were Christian, my parents were Christian, my life was packed full of so much church stuff that I had almost no time to live my life. I was constantly under the microscope, always had to be better, do this, do that, my Christianity being the root cause of almost every single day bearing regrets and guilt. My personal stance is that I believe it's a bad thing
  13. I think personally it's more of a hatred of coercing a person who otherwise may not know better or is somehow being manipulated into having an autonomous train of thought, telling someone to believe in something in such a way that it shifts their brain into a different gear. People these days are much more independent and see this as a threat and a bad thing which is completely understandable but I get where you're coming from.
  14. I totally see that, if more people post here feel like I'm gonna find alot of things I wish I wrote in my essay. ;w;
  15. seems like my time at the top of monthly contributors is at an end. it was fun. I would like to thank my mum and my dad and my other mum and other dad and possibly step dad and step mom, mother in law, father in law. I have alot of "parents okay"

  16. Indoctrination: With an unbiased mindset and stance on the topic, in what situation is this seen as a positive methodology or is will it just always be seen as a negative force to attack? (This was one of my essay questions from highschool and I have been thinking about it alot lately thought I would share it) This was a more serious conversation I have had with @thedumbgirlfriendthan last few I've posted on here but we were just talking about the term indoctrination and the whole concept of it and I got thinking about what your opinions would be. Asking an extremely diverse community wou
  17. Hey, so I'm gonna chuck a -1, looking at everything presented on this appeal, all I see is that you got banned for a pretty serious offence then while on probation got arrested then disconnected to avoid it. Now if what you are saying is true and the disconnect was a mistake fair game, but bottom line is that you also stated: It doesn't give me a good impression if you were being arrested alot because those kinds of players are normally borderline if not blatant minges. If you have reasons as to why that is not the case I'm happy to hear them and maybe change my stance but for now I'm
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