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  1. this is why were mates stryker
  2. Setsuna

    Clip Dump

    Just a lil clip dump of the shit I've seen since coming back to the server. Please enjoy cause I know I fucken have. Yes, I know my laugh is atrocious.
  3. top 10 saddest anime deaths
  4. well, this is it for me... again. My inactive ass is going inactive once and for all. It has been fun and I have been honored to once again serve within this communities staff team. I thank all of you for the fun I had and the friendships I made, some of which I hope to keep. I guess I will hop in and out of teamspeak and whatnot but other than that bye bye :)
  5. Cya brother, it was fun getting to know you in the short time I've been back but it's been a blast. Law is hard work man but I wish you all the best. o7
  6. well I mean the only known use of the title was for storm trooper recruitment so eh
  7. I haven't been on the forums in a while so I'm uh, just gonna leave these here.... Credits: @Guskywalker as Allah @Hideyoshi as Ahmed @Dirthi as Mohammed @Kolto as the guy resigning in my pms And @Pechudo who saw the truth: "(OOC) Lieutenant Colonel [ Ω ] Pechudo: is something gonna happen in this event or just more of the grand moff with suicide IHCA?" Garry's Mod 2021.01.07 - Garry's Mod 2021.01.07 - Garry's Mod 2021.01.07 -
  8. but dirthi i still have the plane
  9. I don't know you man but that's probably cause I wasn't around in 2019, I've been in and out of this community and I've seen some bad people and some immature and some stupid ones too, but you seem like your head is on straight, I see remorse in your words for you action and so do others. People say you're a good guy and in my opinion yeah you just ran outta things to do and found a way to entertain yourself. Sure it wasn't the best way but I believe you have had time to change and mature so I'm gonna leave a mighty +1
  10. just have money come stay with me for a bit
  11. cammers since revealing you are from SA you no longer get opinions 

  12. just be from Sydney it's so much cooler overall
  13. kevin built stup- i mean unique

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