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  1. On 3/26/2020 at 7:21 PM, Shepard said:

    I'm applying for Trial Moderator for the same reason I believe anyone is applying for it, to give something back to the community and because I feel like I can make a positive impact on the server, during my first time on the server moderators were always there to help me enjoy the server and I'd like to help new people experience the server the way I did, during my time as a moderator on clonewars, santos and imperial I enjoyed my time there and enjoyed being a moderator. As I'm not much of an RPer I enjoy helping people, whether it be giving them tools, helping in RDM claims or even helping people who are stuck. I would once again like to strive to help the community to be a nice and fresh place for new players and old players.

    This section is the first place I go in any moderator application, I want to see if the person applying to the team wants to be there if they want power or if they want an opportunity to give back to the community that has given them this wonderful second home we all share. Sure, sometimes responses can be hard to read the intentions of but the key is to match it with whatever else is said throughout their application and also with what they are like in and out of character to fully determine. I believe this paragraph already ticks so many boxes. He wants to help purely because its what he feels he is good at. He has a desire to aid the community in stepping forward. And he is mature enough to admit that RPing isn't much of his thing and would rather be helping out in other ways. 


    On 3/26/2020 at 7:21 PM, Shepard said:

    I believe the purpose of moderators is to enforce the rules, to make the server is a safe and enjoyable space for people to have fun on and to enjoy themselves on, to help new players enjoy their time and learn the rules and to take claims. Whether it be RDM or needing tools moderators are there to help you and keep the server feeling fresh for you. If I had to summaries what moderators do, they keep the flow of the server in check, someone rdming? They sort it, someone need tools? They got you.

    He hits this question bang on the head. Not much to say about it. 

    He has tons of useful experience to excersise on the server and in my opinion the warns aren't enough to sway my positive vision of this application.

    On 3/26/2020 at 7:21 PM, Shepard said:

    If accepted I believe I can bring my activity as I enjoy playing and talking with people in the community, my experience from being a past moderator, my unbiasedness as I believe in all cases everyone should be treated equal. No matter their rank or regiment and overall my enthusiasm, as I'm always happy and ready to help wherever and whenever I'm needed.

    Now this is the last thing I am going to comment on directly through quotes. This answer is a bit short but in it is packed a whole lot of tools that can be used to make the server a much better place and I believe that what they say is true based on all the glowing recommendations from the rest of the community. The responses to the situational questions were great but so are most that I see so they aren't worth commenting on. 

    If you have taken the time to read this I hope I have provided some encouragement and I wish you good luck. 


  2. +1 

    I gotta say. I usually try to give extensive constructive feedback either positive, negative or both but this one I have few words to say as they have already been spoken outright by your colleagues. You are experienced enough that I believe you are a mature and professional guy. You have the motivation and the time to serve this community and I am sure that you will whether or not you are accepted. The community trusts and likes you which is quite important but of course not everything. 

    I bid you good luck.

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  3. +1

    I have to say that my time back here I have gone through a few of the applications and they have been great, detailed, they show effort, they show motivation, some of them don't they showed incompetence and power hungryness and greed. But yours has to be one of the most gneuine and sincere applications I have seen yet. I do see that you truely want this role purely because you love the community and want to find more and more ways to help it and that I can commend, admire and relate to through and through. 

    On 8/28/2020 at 11:08 PM, Damknee said:

    When I joined the server in 2019, I had no vision of what my future would be like, but I suddenly got hooked with the positive and engaging community of Imperial Gaming. That is why i want to join the Staff Team in order to widen the support of the server and make it an even better experience for players on the server. As a officer on the server, I heavily enjoy helping out lower ranking members of my regiment and ensuring they are doing the right thing so that everyone can have a positive experience on the server, I also feel like I can be useful in the team as I believe I have the knowledge of ULX and several other admin plugins to ensure rules are being enforced. I believe I can be a trusted moderator as I am High Ranking Officer in my regiment and I believe that means I can be trusted with this task.

    You have your skills and you have your motivation. Jones I have seen you on the server, you're an active guy. You have the time to give to the server and I can tell you are willing to give it. You do a good job with your Shock Troopers and a regiment like Shock being run well is something to admire ofits higher ups. You are a mature and professsional player and I believe your experience in the Shock troopers with directly aid you in your travels as a staff member, an opportunity I believe you deserve.

    Good luck. I hope my words help you.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Mongo said:

    that being said, you wouldn't be likely to be accepted regardless if you put applications up even with your old playtime, as you've just gotten back into the community.

    You can always show your old playtime prior to reset, but you should also include your previous playtime.

    talk to management if you want your time back for just your own niche reasonings.

    Yeah thats what I was thinking but at the same time it does open a few doors reagardless. The only screenshot I have was that one from 2018. Honestly I'm cool just getting back to where I was but I thought I would shoot a shot and see if it would land.

  5. Quote

    It has been reset for everyone and it quite literally doesn't change anything if you get it back or not. 
    I myself had almost 10 weeks before the reset but I doubt they will ever come back.

    I understand that but it's more in a sense that It helps get me to a point where I can pick up where I left off, submitting applications become available to me and I wont lie but I want to be able to verify that I have been here for a good amount of time.

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  6. Hey so I have been on and off since 2017, Both times I have had a substiantial amount of ULX playtime but each time I have take some time off it has been reset on my return. I am not too fussed about the first lot but my time in ISB the last screenshot I have records my time being 6 Weeks 4 Days and 9 Hours. If it's at all possible to return that game time to its most previous state I would be forever greatful but if not I am happy to keep the grind going but it would be a shame to see the time wasted. 

    I was extremley active under Gusky so if you want to ask for someone to vouch my activity then I hope he is willing. He cannot vouch for the time itself though so that is to be taken under your interpretation. Thank you for reviewing my request. 


  7. 3 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Yeah.. I think I recall an Executive Secretary being under Gusky as Director at the time.

    None the less, Welcome back. I'm sure you'll see some familiar faces around the server here and there, a lot of people including myself played since 2017, However I didn't stick around much in 2017, played as a mere RST and left when my character died. Didn't return till late 2018 for a proper return.

    Incase you were Gusky's secretary in December of 2018... I started the 'Director Kevin' incident because I genuinely said kevin by mistake and then turned it into a meme.

    I don't recall the Director Kevin incident but I do remember the RST reg and that it wasn't around for long. And I do recall a Mongo. So thank you man, I will come by and say hi when I see you.


    3 hours ago, Kamelieon said:

    Welcome back dudddeeeeee

    Thank dude!


    1 hour ago, Hyperion said:

    Welcome back to the community!

    Thank you my man!


    1 hour ago, SCHEFF said:

    THAT'S YOOOUUUU????? Makes sense now that you've been saying hi to me all the time - didn't even realise it was you. I remember you being in DT with me back in the day

    Welcome back dude

    I feel so betrayed... jkjk I am surprised you remember me! I was just under the impression you didn't and accepted my fate.  But yes! that is me! 2nd Lieutenant Setsuna reporting for duty, Colonel Chef!

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  8. Hey! My name is Chrissy, I have been on and off on in this community since 2017. I have served within the ranks of the mighty 212th, as an officer in the Death Troopers under Guskywalker, and once again under Gusky as his personal bitc- I mean executive secretary. I enjoy finding a regiment and sticking it through until something comes up and I have to drop off the radar for a few months and start fresh but I have returned and am doing my best to create a name for myself as a loyal trooper of the 81st Detatchment of Stormtroopers in the 73rd unit under Gusky. I only become an RDMing minge when there is no one on the server but when the server is populated I enjoy RPing as much as possible even with the limited situations STs are given.

    I love meeting new people and have already made a few friends around the server and am trying to get to know as many people as I can in TS and ingame. I would love to get to know the new community as it has drastically changed since my last appearance and I have been finding it really fun finding new people to chill with.

    My plan is to stick to STs for as long as I am on, if I do manage to make it to a similar stage as where I have been in the past I wish to try and rejoin the staff team. I myself was a moderator about a year and a half back and it was a great experience. Since leaving gmod for a while, my ULX knowledge has become a bit rusty but I am willing to learn once again if given the opportunity. I do my best to exude a sense of maturity when it is called upon but not so much so that I seem unapproachable.

    I'm working toward regaining my play time as it has been reset several times which saddens me greatly as I would have a great deal of time under my belt at this point but it is how it is so like my ingame status, I will work that back up to where it was. 

    I am going to do my best to introduce myself through forum content as much as I can. I enjoy writing constructive critisism where I see it needed so If I sound like I am attacking you on your application I am not trying to I just want to make sure you are the best you could be for the role you are applying for. I believe constructive critisism is the best way to get a point across even as I am technically a newcomer I don't expect my words to carry much weight but if I am able to point out something or speak an opinion that needs to be spoken on a topic trust that I will to my best effort state that opinion. 

    I can't wait to see what this community accomplishes and I am having so much fun getting to know everyone as time passes. The Kosmos Era ended in my slumber and I have awoken to a whole new world and I am lonley and scared so please come say hi!

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  9. Sir. I do not know you. I do not know many people. But your application was full of detailed content and well constructed thought through answers. Just by reading the responses and your answers to the questions I can tell you are a well known player and a mature person in general. 

    On 6/28/2020 at 11:02 PM, Knifty said:

    What you say I can approve is true and i'm regretful for doing so. I knew what I was doing was wrong and against various rules and I did get disciplined for it by my superiors but I never did anything of the sort ever again and don't intend to furthermore. Right now I just want to do my part for the community and I hope you can respect that I will never abuse privileges like that again.

    This entire reply to an accusation was immaculate. Shows great maturity and growth from that point and I believe you would make a great moderator, I believe you would make a great addition to the team already in place. Once again my status isn't as good as it used to be but I hope that even my reply can help you on your way.


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  10. Joel, I have known you for a very little amount of time, but in the time I have known you, you have proven to be a generally good and mature leader and guy in general. Reading through your application was almost a treat. The content you gave was detailed, genuine and really emanated the kind of person I have seen you to be. Like I have stated before I don't believe my words carry much meaning these days but I want my words spoken. I believe you would make a great moderator and if you were there back in my staff days the server would have been even more lit. 81st for life.


    +1 from me bro.

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  11. -1

    Hey so I know that I'm newish in the sense that I have returned to the community and almost everyone I remember and would remember me have moved on but I'm still going to state my opinion as if I was here the whole time because where is a better place to start. I believe this application was lacking a proofreading, I found myself backtracking multiple times to try and make sense of ill-written sentences or lack of punctuation/grammar.


    In my personal belief, the purpose of Moderators on the imperial gaming server is to do many things whether it is simple things as giving tools or deciding the punishment of people. or even bigger things like deciding people like me whether they are accepted into the staff team or making server decisions or being a part of one. moderators enforce the server rules and do their best to make sure that the community is having the best experience possible. that is what I believe and that is what I am willing to do.

    This sentence I found was difficult enough to make sense of until reading over it a few times. I don't want to be a grammar nazi or anything because in the end being a moderator isn't about being able to portray english abilit, but it shows a lack of maturity that should be found in a staff member. Maturity is a key factor in my opinion. Anybody can go back over a paragraph and read it aloud to themselves and fix the issues. If it was me writing this application I would have gone over it several times to ensure perfection.

    Now I do completley understand and believe that experience is not a deciding factor in the process to become a trial moderator as I believe that stage is the stage to learn and become experienced, much like in the real world, we get jobs to learn and then add it to our resume. But in this case I think it ties in with the point I made earlier about maturity, The lack of experience and lack of maturity directly tie together in the sense that If someone has no experience with ULX or moderating a server then I would at least expect that person to emit a mature attitude that can be clearly seen by those around them. I think the sugar on top of this is the warns. Now everyone trips up and can get into sticky situations but they can also be very easily avoided. All three of these factors in my opinion are damning. 

    I think I have seen this said a couple of times but I want to reiterate. You as a medic are quite adept at RP. I have enjoyed seeing you on the server but at times I have seen things go off the rails in OOC and that sheds more light on the immaturity side of things. 


    Take it to a staff sit somewhere private and sort it out between them. they either do one of 2 options, 1, we find a solution where both sides agree and get along. 2, they go there separate ways and avoid each other. if they continue any sort of bullying or harassment of any sort warns will have to be handed out. the severity can be adjusted due to events that led up to this

    I think you are aware of the need for privacy on sensitive matters such as bullying but I have seen arguments erupt in OOC and I agree with what people have said as it happened which is "Keep it in !p" which in my opinion is something that I believe rarely happens. Of course I cannot see peoples private messages but at the same time the amount of times I have seen people's arguements have to be silenced speaks for itself. If you really want us to believe you can be mature enough to take things into private settings, then first you must walk the walk. 

    Lastly. Game time isn't everything, I cannot stress this enough. You emphasise it but I believe that gametime is merely a verefication process rather than a reason to be made a moderator. It is just a way to make sure that the person is loyal to the community they are about to serve. I think focus more on learning to show maturity in all situations you find yourself in, and focus less on getting that game time up and you're set.

    Clover man, I have seen you, we have vibed, it was sick. But like I agree with alot of the others here in saying that you need to work on some stuff before joining the staff team of such a big community. I have no vendetta and I dont mean to create one, I hope you can take this as the constructive critisism it is and not as an attack on yourself because that is the last thing I mean for it to be. Good luck man and If I see changes then I will be willing to change to a +1 even though at the moment it doesnt mean much.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Mord said:

    DUDE! It’s mordecai the captain that was under scheff at the time. I remember you fondly. Welcome back and i hope to see you coming in for a CL test soon! :)


    OH!!! mord!! yesss heaps good to see you dude!! man that’s crazy hey yeah hope to see you round soon

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  13. 2 hours ago, Corvo said:

    @Setsuna Hey man i'm not sure if you stayed around late 2017 so if we have met and i don't remember sorry, but i'm going to assume we haven't

    Hello and welcome back to the community mate <3

    Hey man nah i don’t think we have met but it’s great to see a fellow vet ahaha, btw love dishonoured, thanks for the welcome matee

  14. 7 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

    That signature...I think my eyes are bleeding! HELP I CANT SEE! Welcome back to the Community my man <3

    Thanks, Wombat!! it's great to see you!! How ya been!!


    7 hours ago, Jye said:

    I fast scrolled down the post to get to the next page and it was like I was seeing rainbows. Welcome/Welcome back to the community ^_^

    Hahaha, I love rainbows!! (No homo) thanks man!!

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