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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. Okay, so have you ever been browsing through the applications and come across a long ass response from someone that you should read but can't be bothered? or run into one of Bear's big ass rants on the EM applications and just can't be bothered to sit there and read it? Well, here's my solution we all just respond to applications like Little5avage! its so much easier and will eliminate so much unnecessary reading . I mean until everybody starts doing it I probably wont but it's just an idea being put out. Who cares if we all look like robots? If we can simplify the current regime I think it's
  3. My cat is dead, but its name was Otto, pronounced Ot-Toe And I also have another dead cat named Webster. Pronounced Web-Sta They were Burmese
  4. Hi, I'm Setsuna, and I'm a weeaboo. I watch anime and play anime games because I'm disgusting. I've been on this server since Kuso was palpi and I was a Royal Guard. I remember a lot of the guys in the higher up spots but they don't remember me, and those who actually liked me have now left the community, the one person that remains from those times that isn't staff is Suna who is also a bully to me now. Anyway, I'm currently a Death Trooper and I'm loving the job of 'receptionist', i sit at a desk and ask for IDs all day. I try to be as friendly as possible and when I occasionally do make fri
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