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  1. 11 hours ago, Josh said:

    Even though this suggestion I'm making has nothing to do with the questions I think it will help army to be more popular. 

    The first think I would like to say is to remove Shadow in the 275th And Make it Scar a small 6 person regiment that everyone would love to be in. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Special_Commando_Advanced_Recon_trooper

    2nd Regiment is to remove Storm Commandos and add something new that will be popular (Nothing against the people in the Regiment) It will be great to see a new regiment that is active.

    Storm Commandos are very active... I have seen a majority if not all of them on everyday since being attatched to the 501st.


    11 hours ago, Josh said:

    Yes and no it goes up and down and I think it's time for something new storm commandos is getting old no offence 

    Are you a Storm Commando? You wouldn't know if it was getting old or not unless you were active in the regiment doing their work and their jobs. And by the fact that they are continuously active, I think that if it was getting old, there would be a very different story there. Pechudo, Pro, Mouse and Lime are doing a great job with the 501st and no drastic changes need to be made to them, sure maybe some small ones here and there to stop fluxuations but removing them would remove one of the last remaining recon regiments.

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  2. yes yes yes Yes Yes Yes YEs YEs YEs YES YES YES!!!!! I think yosh is more than qualified for this position as what I have already seen him produce is above and beyond great. Getting to know him in IHCA has been a blast and I have seen him as a very trustworthy and responsible guy. Very mature and overall a great guy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++1111111111111111111111111111

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  3. On 10/2/2020 at 10:32 PM, Hamish said:


    Thanks bro appreciate it! 


    On 10/3/2020 at 1:08 AM, Chris said:


    +1 This guy said he knew my dad but ^^^  Supportive and active o7 go for gold. 



    6 hours ago, Pro said:

    Met you perhaps a month or two ago and from when you joined IHCA and since then you have only been nice and a good mate to hang  out with. You have shown great commitment and trust to the server and I couldn't think of another deserving person for this role. I have had nothing but positive interactions with you and wish you the best of luck on your application. 

    thank you thicc daddy big daddy thicc

  4. 33 minutes ago, Echo said:

    ^ He do be a gamer for going in the 501st discord a lot

    <3 yeah but you love my presence

    2 hours ago, Kamelieon said:

    What she said ;D 

    Thanks brother!

    3 hours ago, Mauler said:

    This guy’s staff from my era.



    Thanks brother, can't say I don't miss the good old days sometimes.

  5. 21 minutes ago, Hideyoshi said:


    He's extremely responsible and in my time in IHCA he's been great support and a great influence.

    Great choice for Trial Moderator!


    Good Luck

    thanks bb luv you.

    10 minutes ago, yeff said:



    8 minutes ago, Shepard said:

    Idk man, he didn't let us into IHC 👀


    no bounty hunters, no shirts, no shoes, no service.


    5 minutes ago, Phobia said:


    Thank you!

  6. 1 hour ago, Pvtanderson said:

    +1, this application is very well written and it is obvious you took time to write it up as best you can. From what I have seen of you in game you seem like you would be a very good fit to the Moderator team. In addition to this you also have a good amount of previous experience and your scenarios are well thought out and handled.

    Thank you for the support!

    1 hour ago, Binny said:


    All my interactions with you have been great, a trust worthy player. You’d represent the staff team well.

    good luck!

    Thank you! I think I still need to put a hit on that Zuckuss guy btdubs...

    51 minutes ago, Kippy said:


    Seems like you have the fundamentals & compatibility to be a Moderator, Although I haven't had a lot of encounters with you it looks like you have a great Reputation and have the Qualities of being a Moderator. 

    I wish you all the best


    Thanks my man! I will try to find you on the server!

    • Steam Name:
      [IG] big gay ice cream
    • SteamID32:
    • Steam Profile Link:
    • In Game Name:
      Chrissalyn R. Velus
    • Time Played Imperial RP:
      1w 4d 4h
    • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence
    • Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
    • Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
    • Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?
      I have served as moderators three SWRP servers (a long time ago):
      - Imperial Gaming (Stepped down due to personal reasons)
      - Atlas Gaming (Shut down)
      - Fade Gaming (Shut down)

      I have also served as a moderator on a TTT server:
      - FatLords Gaming
    • What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server?
    • I believe that a moderator's main job is similar to that of a Stormtrooper. Their job is to take the front lines and deal with matters that more experienced and or important members should not have to. Petty indifferences or RDM cases being a couple of the many examples. The job is to do what they can to ensure that management and admins are able to do things that require more qualified hands. At the same time, a moderator I believe the closest thing the staff has to connect the player base of users and staff, in the sense that they are similar to NCOs within a regiment. They interact more with the general population of the server doing what they can to entertain and create a more enjoyable environment first hand (Not saying that the higher-ups don't interact but it's not uncommon for someone of a higher qualification to be busy doing developer stuff or dealing with a more serious staff situation). I believe what I have done my best to outline are a few of the many jobs that a moderator is given the responsibility to uphold.


    • Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator?
      In my past experiences on Imperial Gaming, I have come across many generations of players. Nowadays I can say that since 2016, I have also come and go, experiencing a few changes in management. I may be the only one who shares this view but in the past, I have felt that the server has been made up of three different entities, staff, management, and the player base. These entities would come together every now and then of course but that would be a very rare occurrence for Christmas or Halloween. Even as a moderator I only really ever spoke to Moose or Trident twice, one of those times being when I was promoted from T-Mod to Mod. Players would often be unaware of what was going on within the staff team and management would be deaf to the wishes of the population. It almost didn't feel right which is one of the few reasons that I ended up getting burnt out and ceasing my activity. It just wasn't a community I was having fun on and I feel like that could be a reason why some of the big faces I have seen have since moved on.

      But since joining back, I have already seen such a massive difference, in the first week I had already spoken to nearly all of the management and had gotten to know a few staff members. I found a place in IHCA and have been working to help get that going again with Cracked and Mongo who are doing a much better job than I am. I have heard about the monthly tournaments which are already more than the last management I experienced managed and there is much more interaction between that of the management, staff team, and player base. I feel as if those three entities have all merged together and it has already created such a great environment for me coming back (which was already a bit daunting). This generation of the community is one I would honestly be thankful and proud to be given the opportunity to represent as a moderator.


    • What do you believe you can bring to the staff team?
    • I myself believe that I can bring a friendly face, It's not much but it's definitely something I look for when I see who applies for T-mod. I haven't used ULX in a very long time (we are talking years here) but I am a quick learner, I do not doubt things have changed but the experience is gained through practice. I have stuff on my plate with work but when I have days off (a few a week) I will be as active as I can be. I hope that I myself can bring maturity and yet not so much so that I am a buzzkill, I like to think that I am responsible and trustworthy but that is up to you to decide. I hope to bring as much as I can offer to the team whether it be a judge of character or someone who can take on as many sits as they can I am willing to take that on as a responsibility on the server. My aim is that as a moderator I can help bring as much enjoyment and fun to the server whilst still keeping it as respectable as I can in my power.


    • Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?
      I myself would first go through the damage logs and then grab the offender's steamID and record it on a doc. I would then take down the names of witnesses or victims and bring them one by one to ask for their POV and record it, as I do not believe in solely trusting logs. Once I have gained sufficient evidence I would take the appropriate action whether that be to ban or warn the person. ( I'll be honest I am not 100% sure of the complete procedure but I believe it has to do with the amount of RDM counts but I am sure I will learn this if I am accepted)


    • Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?
      I would treat this very discreetly, I would once again take down the names of the offenders and the victim. I would bring them all separately and get their POV and record them. I would talk to the Victim about what the offenders said and then possibly bring in another staff member for a second opinion as there could be respectable players involved. (this does not mean I condone their behavior because they are popular but more because it could backfire if a step is skipped.) I would then issue warnings and possibly bans but I would do what I can to ensure that the Victim feels as justified as possible in this matter.


    • You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?
      This is a very serious situation. I have heard stories of whistleblowers being downtrodden which in my eyes is childish and unacceptable. I would do what I can to get witness accounts and if possible recordings of these power abuses. I would then take all that I have straight to management and let them make the disciplinary decision. I would not approach the offender as I do not believe anything would come of it.


    • Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?
      I would immediately contact management. I would then find their information and ban their steamID for an extended period of time. I would also make sure to look out for any account connecting from the same IP to ensure they do not get the opportunity to rejoin on an alternate account. I would make sure I gain as much evidence as I can as this is an extremely serious threat that threatens illegally sharing people's personal details online for the world to see. I would then take any evidence I have to whoever is able to accept it and then allow them to make the final call in the matter.


    • Terms & Conditions
    • Steam Name:
      [IG] big gay ice cream
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  7. Storm is a very mature player and has shown this through his leadership skills in VF, the application was written well and doesn't come across as someone just looking for a role to make them look all pretty (not that it's something my man awooo would do). I believe that Storm would be an amazing addition to the staff team and more specifically the Event team. I think that he will bring a great amount of enjoyment to the server if granted the opportunity. He is a great person and a responsible one at that. Good luck Storm but I am gonna be so disappointed if I see a Grand Admiral Catgirl or something.


  8. 19 minutes ago, DUCKY said:

    Hey they look pretty good! have dont some myself last time too!

    Thank you my guy! I would love to see yours!


    3 hours ago, Bailey said:

    Send more now, this is a threat.

    Seriously though, these look sick dude!

    Thank you!!! I am planning on doing way more of this stuff so I will send them through when I do!


    2 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Why you gotta dog my boys in orange like that

    wait till I revive the 7th skycorps discord with this outrage


    the last one is pretty awesome.


    2 hours ago, Delta said:

    I just spawn a whole bunch of NPCs and pretend i'm like a rebel or imperial badass from time to time kicking there teeth in 

    Knowing you, their teeth are halfway to their ass by then.

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  9. 7 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

    These actually look really cool. I know a couple of creators who solely use gmod to make sick pieces of screenshots. (Hell, almost all the gmod main menu screenshots were made by the gmod community.)
    Do you use the ragdoll mover tool addon by any chance? If not, highly recommend it. I know from personal experiences that posing ragdolls with a physgun is an absolute pain. 

    I have a few cinematic screenshots taken from gmod. (Mostly in-game though while I'm running events or RPing around normally, since I don't make this sort of thing a full-time interest.) 





    uM eXCusE mE thERe is A mOVEr tOol foR RagDOllS, no I didn't know about this! thank you for enlightening me and I love your screenshots. Yeah back when I first got into SWRP I decided I was going to use the newfound content to create whatever I wanted or wished to see in the series that was never done. I love making content and while I really dont have what it takes to become an EM I am happy enough just making things for myself and whoever wants to see it.

  10. Hey everyone I am a lover of storytelling, I love to write my own stories and do what I can to depict them in words. Garrys Mod gave me the opportunity to take that creativity to the next level. Now I have no knowledge of animation or anything like it but I use my imagination to create scenes that I think look quite cool and tell some story that is left to the interpretation of the viewer. Here are some of the screenshots that I managed to find, there aren't many at all but I was wondering what you guys thought of them. I had more but they have been lost over the many PC/Laptop changes.gm_emp_midbridge0031.thumb.jpg.6e00e502ca3197845c09084f307cb118.jpg4000_screenshots_20171214175815_1.thumb.jpg.c8d462beb83d16cfc917df070166392a.jpg4000_screenshots_20200424160835_1.thumb.jpg.dd2a48944c2d1351fff8d5f9c1070caa.jpg4000_screenshots_20200424030116_1.thumb.jpg.1c1f1c995bfcfed2336b25bde8d1d94e.jpg

    I would also love to see what others have created, surely they will be leagues ahead of mine but I do what I can to take my inspiration, love of storytelling and limited ability to create something I am proud of. 

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  11. We don't know eachother friend but I have heard of you. From what I have heard you are a mature, well-liked dedicated member of this community. You currently hold the position of Second Sister which already shows me that you are capable of holding and honouring a reputable position to the best of your abilities. This alone to me gives me reason enough to support your application to join the staff team. But for those who may have less knowledge about what makes a good staff member here is my thought process behind my support:

    8 hours ago, KevinM said:

    The reason I'm applying for TMOD is because I wanna moderate the server to the best of my abilities, give the people of IG a fully immersive experience and away from those that intend to break the server rules. I know that being a TMOD or really any staff position requires great activity and maturity in which I can assure that I will be easily upholding. Being that I have the past 2 weeks 200 hours of playtime on the server which I have to admit is an absurd amount of time but I blame the lockdown in Victoria. I do have work 5-8pm at a gym [obviously when covid wasn't around] I learn and sometimes teach mma but my activity will still be easily satisfactory, maybe with work I'll be on 5 hours a day :].
    But a big reason I want to become a TMOD is because as 2IC of Inquisitors, I have a big job of teaching force powers and running promotion tests. With this comes a great burden, most force powers and promotion tests requires someone with ULX [basically a staff] for example... setting an EC, no clip and way more that is required. I know as a moderator you aren't allowed to set an EC but I'm pretty sure an exemption was made for this reason. You might ask "Why don't you ask a staff for help?" now this was my first idea but the real problem is that staff have there own things to do and own regiments to tend to. I'd imagine constantly hassling a staff member would become quit annoying. Now to conclude... obviously I won't abandon my job as a TMOD to just do tests for sith or anything in that matter, I understand I must uphold to the activity and amount of tickets required in which I'd respectfully uphold to and do so.

    I admire this very greatly. Your desire to aid the community in enhancing the experience of the playerbase is something I believe to be true based on your words alone. I think you have the ability and the experience to take up this responsibility and use it to the best of your ability. You evidently understand the priority that helping the community OOC over that of the situations of the IC events. This alone brings me an assurance that while you are present, no problem will go unanswered unless you are preoccupied with another OOC situation.

    8 hours ago, KevinM said:

    I believe I can bring past staff experience to the IG staff community, I also would be keen on helping if asked a event master or really any staff in which I'll try my best and help. Also previously stated my absurd amount of activity, I can be on every day for a minimum of 5 hours so don't be worried, there will be no shortage of tickets being not taken that's for sure. I'am also chill and calm, I have known previous staff on other servers to be quite unprofessional and quick to temper in which I am definitely not. I can take a lot of shit and remain cool, calm and collected which is good because being obviously mad while doing a sit is really not a good look on yourself and the professionalism on the server, you need get along with both parties and understand each others sides even if its an obvious fault on one side. I also have a reputation among the staff team, I've gotten to meet and to talk most of them and already are good friends with a good amount of them. I can also bring no drama or 'beef', like I said I'm chill. I don't stir up people or make anyone really hate me, I really ain't a fan of drama so thats one reason I'm writing this application... to resolve drama to make IG less of an toxic community [ I'm not saying it is]. Also possibly new ideas to improve the server and the staff team, I'm saying this because my mind is quite active... as most sith would agree with me.

    You have experience on other servers as a staff member which I believe to make you a very attractive applicant. There are always less mature people who apply, some make it in and some don't but those who do I believe are a liability as they can hurt the reputation of the server, the community, the staff team and the management. Trusted, loved and mature applicants like yourself are who we should be considering in my opinion. I believe in giving everyone a chance but I believe that initial chance is how they act outside of the staff team and by your example I believe you to be a worthy applicant.


    8 hours ago, KevinM said:
    • Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?
      What I'll do as TMOD is get his steam through !plogs or !blogs [I forgot again what u guys use, but I've used both] and check the amount he has killed [I think on this server a mass RDM is considered 4x? ]. Then I'll follow through with a warn saying " ?????? was warned by SliceofCHEESE - 4x MassRDM | NITRP | Disconnect to avoid punishment | 2 Week Ban - Though being TMOD with strict permissions I'll request for a higher ranking staff member to actually place the ban. Then the issue has been resolved.
    • Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?
      What I'll do is first of all this is a serious matter in which I'll take extremely seriously. So the ticket has been made... I would first open and bring both the victim and supposedly the bully to a very secluded area. I'll then start recording and ask the victim for the story of why this person is bullying him and if it is bullying. Once he's said his story, Ill ask for the supposedly bully for his side. After they've both said there stories, I'll ask a high ranking member of the staff team to review the recording with me and see what approach we could take with this... whether a ban is necessary or some sort a separation between the two like don't be in the same TS channel or something else. I'll let the high ranking staff to finalize and give a conclusion cause at the end of the day, I'm a new trial moderator and its much more better if they've concluded it.
    • You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?
      Now I wish to never see a staff abuse there powers but if one supposedly were... I'd begin to record there abusive actions, in-which I'd personally go up and ask to stop but if he chose to ignore me I'd continue recording. As more evidence is easier to support my case and the report. After, I'll send a recording of the staff abusing his powers to once again to the high ranking staff members in which they can discuss over and watch the recording, to eventually have a conclusion and a approach to the situation whether a staff demotion is necessary, a verbal warning or a complete removal from staff.
    • Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?
      This is one of the most serious server rules in which you would never want to break, its also not only a rule within the server but it is also extremely illegal to be threatening to share personal information online where attackers can take advantage of. I'd immediately request for a admin+ to help me resolve this issue before anything gets leaked. I'd personally if I had permissions, warn and ban for atleast a couple months for this is not a joking matter and should always be taken seriously. Also I'll collect as much evidence I can to get this player a serious punishment in-which higher ranking of staff can review and once again find a conclusion and or pathway to take this.

    You approach these situations very maturely and cautiously, which I admire greatly. If a situation is bigger than yourself or you are unsure of yourself making the right decision or needing a second opinion, you wont be afriad to do so. You look at both sides, you don't just trust in the logs, this is important. Get both sides of the story and analyze them before making a decision. 

    To conclude I believe you will make an excellent member of the staff team and I would love to see you representing the server as a Trial Moderator. I wish you good luck and its a +1 from me.

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  12. On 9/6/2020 at 12:49 AM, |Stryker| said:

    please no I don't want to :(

    HAHAHAHAH geez nah man thats fine, im already at 3 & 1/2 days so im making my progress nicely. Im not too fussed.


    On 9/4/2020 at 8:13 PM, Clover said:

    yeah it is a thousand hours of proggress that shows how hard you worked. he wants that back


    Oath, g'day Mauler haven't heard your name in a quick hot fucken minute.

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