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  1. and you will man, thanks for the welcome
  2. Hey man nah i don’t think we have met but it’s great to see a fellow vet ahaha, btw love dishonoured, thanks for the welcome matee
  3. Thanks, Wombat!! it's great to see you!! How ya been!! Hahaha, I love rainbows!! (No homo) thanks man!!
  4. nice to meet you to, and thanks!!
  5. only the worst of the worst!!! great to be back brother!!
  6. thank you, yes and /me says m'lady
  7. They were the best of the best...
  8. heck yeah man! I remember you were IC CO and I remember playing your events!
  9. goooood, how are yoooooooooou?
  10. not much gamer, just chillin.
  11. thanks man, I am stage four eye cancer btw <3
  12. Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I have played on Imperial Gaming by this name but I am happy to be back and I know a few familiar names but I don't recognize a hell of a lot of you. A bit of backstory, I first played on IG in either late 2016 to early 2017 and spent a great deal of time as a Royal Guard. A bit about myself, I love people, just chatting and having fun, I am pretty chill, try not to be too uptight, I love TWD, HIMYM, GOT and B99. I listen to indie pop and I enjoy binging K-drama and Anime. A bit of info on my past on IG: I then continued to play after the
  13. Hey guys, I'm Chrissy, I'm not exactly new to the server but I am returning after a long while. I used to be in DT around the time of Ridge and Chef under the name Setsuna as most of the guys will remember me, I am currently in ISB and enjoying my time as a secretary and Head of Documentation. pleasure to meet most of you in game and hopefully will get to know more of you as time goes on :).
  14. This is pretty exciting! (well for me, and hopefully you) So many things to look forward to!
  15. 1:18 Now this is pod racing!
  16. So you said this in the main blob of writing and I was just wondering, you mean 'Minging' right? I mean it would be pretty bad if we had a bunch of recruits mining in our facility but i'm just wondering if that's what you meant.
  17. Oh haven't read many of your's, I'll have a look around.
  18. Yeah it looks great nice work!! Just one thing.... You spelt 'beginners' wrong.
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