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  1. 16 hours ago, yeff said:

    Naptune is one of the nicest community members I knew. He always pulled his weight in the EM team and I think he was one of if not the best MT Co's since Dirthi (As everyone knows thats a massive bar to clear). I think Naptunes biting wit can be a bit abbrassive to some individuals, but he's always said things in a jovial manner that clearly comes from a place of love and respect for GMOD roleplay and community. Naptune has always been a significant inspiration of me in the community, and I know many other can say that they actively look up to him such as @Delta@Late and @Splonter. He's always been able to get new players into the community  lovingly providing some of the best training I've ever seen. 

    Naptunes presence on the discord reminds me of the poem Ozymandias. Its personally my favourite poem and I'll share a bit of it with you (Incidentally it was written by the Husband of the writer of Frankenstein. "look upon all my works ye mighty and despair". The context for this passage is that an explorer is looking at the ruins of a once great civilisation reduced to nothing but a plaque and a broken statue. Naptunes presence on the discord was so titanic and meaningful for certain members of the community I feel that it reduces the discord to nothing but ruins.

    From everything I've been informed of in this post, no reason has been provided and it personally feels like I'm witnessing Brutus' betrayal of Caesar due to the proper protocol of a ban reason not being provided. This is such a core part of GMOD bans, to understand why you've been banned, so you can improve and spread you seeds in other servers while not repeating the sins of the past. @Shepardhas felt that punished bite before, and I'm sure he and others like @Binny, @JerryJohnsington, @Setsunaand @Pro can all relate. All of them were or are upstanding members of the community who at some time have been banned on another Gmod server. Without them being informed of their ban reason, I'm sure that their great reputations would have been significantly more meek as they wouldn't have been able to reform.

    In all, I believe that I will be providing positive support on this appeal, as I feel that those within the community can do nothing but in general but despair at this ban.

    yeah dude I got banned from hypixel for absolutley no reason!!!


    I don't see any real reason as to why naptune can't have another chance :) +1

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    On 12/16/2021 at 2:04 PM, Delta said:


    • Has Decent Common sense
    • I agree he creates batshit chaos but it is good for rp
    • Knows rules
    • Wouldn't hesitate with kicking a kitten 
    • good with pac3!!
    • A Really annoying Person
    • Like holy shit wtf 

    +1 I agree with delta here, I believe if put in the role, yeff could be a competent moderator, sure he minges and shit but most of the shit he does is making RP and either way, it makes the server a more lively place. So hate on him if you will but I am gonna vouch for him.

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  3. Arkan is once again asking for YOUR financial support!

    apologies for the sloppy camera work, this shit hard real time with no planning, also i couldnt leave noclip because for some reason I was getting targeted by players more than npcs.


    @Arkan as Director C. Illiad

    @Jman1308 as Batman

    @Veteran as The Joker

    @Luigi as Commissioner Gordon

    @Clababsos, @lynk as the goons (sorry I dont know who the others were)

    @Setsuna as the Cameraman

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  4. Tonight on Top Gear, Jerry breaks his piano, Kolto has sex with a monkey and Gusky fucking dies.

    Probs the last one for a lil cheeky bit cause im not confident ill get one out on monday.


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