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  1. cammers since revealing you are from SA you no longer get opinions 

  2. kevin built stup- i mean unique

  3. ever been afraid of putting something in ur butt cause u might like it too much?

  4. I am the recent posts

  5. seems like my time at the top of monthly contributors is at an end. it was fun. I would like to thank my mum and my dad and my other mum and other dad and possibly step dad and step mom, mother in law, father in law. I have alot of "parents okay"

  6. just slapped my girlfriend after saying I like your cut g, that doesn't count as abuse right? 

    1. Storm


      It's only abuse if anyone sees it /me puts on smart glasses

    2. Setsuna
  7. just cleared out the maternity ward with a Nerf gun and a dream. #Multikill #Pogchamp 

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