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  1. Arkan is once again asking for YOUR financial support! apologies for the sloppy camera work, this shit hard real time with no planning, also i couldnt leave noclip because for some reason I was getting targeted by players more than npcs. CREDITS: @Arkan as Director C. Illiad @Jman1308 as Batman @Veteran as The Joker @Luigi as Commissioner Gordon @Clababsos, @lynk as the goons (sorry I dont know who the others were) @Setsuna as the Cameraman
  2. you just gotta stop saying things at some point...
  3. fuck you @Wulfstan
  4. @TeeKay i know that you know

  5. Setsuna

    yet another one.

    that i know that you know that you know that i know that i know that you know?
  6. Setsuna

    yet another one.

    I didn't know what was going on either :0
  7. Setsuna

    yet another one.

    This one took a bit longer due to me being a terrible editor. do you reckon i keep doing subtitles?
  8. and now... his watch has ended.
  9. fuck bro if you havent seen game of thrones or are currently watching and arent up to what was it like season fucking 6 or something, im sorry but thats a you problem.
  10. I actually hate this more than that night Chug Jug came onto my spotify cause my fucken premium ran out,
  11. Setsuna

    Another one...

    yeye anyone who makes credit donations of 75k plus will get videos a day early
  12. Setsuna

    Another one...

    youre not sadly
  13. Setsuna

    Another one...

    Tonight on Top Gear, Jerry breaks his piano, Kolto has sex with a monkey and Gusky fucking dies. Probs the last one for a lil cheeky bit cause im not confident ill get one out on monday.
  14. my favourite colour is you bb gurl
  15. part 3 in the works i promise you guys just gotta be fucken funny
  16. its fight, its always fight.
  17. 2nd installment of clips I have come across since reappearing.
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