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  1. Steam Name:Cactus Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:42711052 In game name and rank:? How long was the ban:Perm Staff who banned you:Don't know When was the ban:20/12/17 Reason for ban:"spoiling star wars" Explain the situation:I was banned straight away without explaining myself, I was talkng about the last jedi and i instantly got perm banned. i'm so sorry and will never do it again. Why you deserve to be unbanned:I'm very sorry and will never do it again, I had no idea you couldn't talk about the movie. SORRY!
  2. In-game alias: Cactus Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:42711052 When was the ban: 5/11/2017 How long is the ban: perm Which admin banned you: Don't know Explain the situation: Not truly understanding the rules and the game, I received he maximum amount of warning for that month and got a perm ban Why you deserve a second chance:I'm new and very sorry for what I have done, I have read the rules and understand why I was banned and now willing to change and play properly.
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