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  1. See you around @Pureus , Hope you find somewhere good to play.
  2. I like it. It would be cool to have this implemented.
  3. +1 This addon is always great fun, and it gives some of the players a break from their usual weapons
  4. I can agree with Stryker on this one. He's a great kid but I think its time we just stopped the memes.
  5. Thank you to all MHC members including the wonderful Chef. Best of luck to all of us in the interviews.
  6. What is your Steam display name?: mesa What is your current in-game rank and regiment?: Lance Corporal of Storm Marines | In game name: Genos How much time have you spent on the server?: Total Time played: 1 Week, 10 hours, 33 minutes. (This would of been more, due to issues with my PC I was unable to play for an extended period of 5 months) How active are you in-game and on the forums?: As of late November, I have been playing a minimum of 1 hour a day on the server. On the forums I regularly look at or respond to posts. Do you have any kicks, warnin
  7. I mean... Monitor refresh can actually fix FPS time to time
  8. Yup, at this in point time that is what "Regimental Bullying" is considered as.
  9. Before we start.... Please do not explode into anger about me bringing this up because I have good reason. I also ask that those who are easily offended or supportive of the argument regarding Regimental Disrespect/Bullying to keep a calm atmosphere. I enjoy a lovely argument, but a civilised one, not barbaric anger. People get warned and demoted to recruit for "Regimental Disrespect" To put this into context from the point of view as a trooper. If I "insult"(State facts) about a regiments usefulness in order to "start a witchhunt"(start a meaningful conver
  10. Its great to see such a great response. Usually on forums I get a bunch of snarky players telling me how dumb i am C:
  11. So before you read, this is a suggestion. I'm not saying that this well thought out and is an idea we must implement. It is merely something that came to mind. Do not go ahead and reply with hate or insultry but with rather criticism and constructive thoughts. One day I was on imperial and I noticed something awesome. You guys have Pac3. Sadly, after asking how to gain access to said addon while on Imperial I was met by the reason that the Developers were using it to make pointshop items. This is in my opinion is poor use of said addon. >this being said
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