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  1. Name: Soul Server Playtime: About 3 weeks Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: Yes i have 2188 Hours for it Extra Info: I Bought warband in Jan of 2015 and have loved playing the mods for it and I'm really excited for Bannerlord been waiting for it for ages going to grind the game as soon as its out and play the mods. I don't think i have enough hours on warband.
  2. SOUL


    I play on any server when playing with friends but I have my solo characters on satele Shan but I play with STC on star forge
  3. SOUL


    I love playing SWTOR have been playing it with members of ST Command alot lately doing a Imperial Agent and Sith Marauder Character
  4. SOUL

    Stark's Appeal

    -1 I suggest you just wait out the ban.
  5. SOUL


    I will miss seeing you on the server Dave and i will try to carry on your legacy of ST Commander. o7
  6. Yeah anything at will will do
  7. Oh okay But i still want to make my own reg.
  8. Oh okay But i still want to make my own reg.
  9. So i joined Imperial Gaming (Start of Novemeber) after the previous server called Derivative gaming and i was shadow commander on it. So i jumped on the server and got trained by @Ethan and then i wanted to join SHOCK ended up joining JT for 3 days Then going to RST and then Became part part of shock and i am hoping to become navy or maybe get the chance to make my own reg on the server.
  10. -1 For me because i was there at the event you trolled and i have to say you acted like that's all you wanted to do on the server and barely any information
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