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  1. @Little5avage can you please close this as it hasn't been 2 weeks of the last one
  2. It's been 2 weeks my last one got closed on the 18 I 2 days off thanks anubis
  3. 2222-Twos

    Reg Help

    Hi from yesterday I told a break from MT/RS and to help out TT to get players and wait for the low rank players to a high rank When this If regs need help with active player. i suggests that player that want to help out rise there hands up and help them out. Every Reg got get help with anything like training tryouts, members and using your time to help them out. every reg should be helped, if they are mingy still help out
  4. -1 Not active haven't seen you on for a week or 2
  5. @Kestoren i can help out for a bit as a higher up. If need i will talk to plutonic about it to make VF active again Thanks alter
  6. @pinejack Someone did your meme And Welcome back to your 2nd home
  7. Bump IGN: [Guard-1] Two's Thanks Alter
  8. -1 Who are you lying to a staff yelling at the staff playtime
  9. -1 Twinkie read my mind and your rank is not your time
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