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  1. Climbsweo has been around since the dawn of SWRP for a reason. Giving players a skill based way of navigating terrain is good for playability, assessing individual's ability to learn concepts and separating the boys from the men.
  2. Also chief I agree. Very mobile friendly. Was just pointing out what you said didn't make sense and if you want to get a more mobile friendly theme you could make it or buy it cheap.
  3. Damn I have social anxiety disorder man I struggle
  4. Uh, what are you on about mate? A different set of css.... That's not a thing bud. If you mean change the theme, that'll run you 40 bucks max. Forum mod ≠ web dev
  5. Here is a good gaming rig INTEL i3 9999990k 43gb HYPERX Ram MSI GAMINGX GTX 750000 Corsair Hydro Series Power Supply 3000 watts Asics Motherboard B750
  6. Name: Kix Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Kixthetrooper/ Server Playtime: 10-12 weeks Why do you want to receive a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?: So I can spend the money on HSP instead. Anything else you'd like to add?: Do a giveaway stream with live results? Thanks Splonty
  7. Hello Mord, I'd like to address your question in a simple and civil manner, of which it appears hypo and bailey are incapable. Sterling is too fat and the server is unable to handle it. Thanks Mord, PM me if you have any further questions.
  8. Kix

    Forum videos not working

    That's invisionzone hosting 4 u. Plus they only get access to the baby features 🤮
  9. As I'm now playing on this lovely server, I'm sure we'll butt heads at some point or another. I look forward to our conversation, Rancor Trooper Splonter. Your dev work is a good step in the right direction by the way.
  10. I agree with L.B. I believe when the going gets tough you will do what you usually do, you'll blame others & your immaturity will shine through.
  11. Grow some skin lmao
  12. I don't think you can see what we see from the top of that horse 🤔🤔
  13. He might be dyslexic or have trouble expressing himself via written form for long periods of time. Additionally, he might just want views for his youtube channel.
  14. It has an extensive permission system suited to large communities. Also offers more back-end customisation. Discord is limited in it's potential for large communities
  15. G'day everybody! Fuckin' hell, been a while since I posted on here eh? What better a post to kick off with than this one? Came across something ya'll going to like quite a bit. Tell me in the comments below, what's your dream star wars game? DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drakelings.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/files/file/15-star-wars-dark-forces-remastered/ By the way, I cannot guarantee the safety of these files. Download at your own risk.\
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