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  1. That's invisionzone hosting 4 u. Plus they only get access to the baby features 🤮
  2. As I'm now playing on this lovely server, I'm sure we'll butt heads at some point or another. I look forward to our conversation, Rancor Trooper Splonter. Your dev work is a good step in the right direction by the way.
  3. I agree with L.B. I believe when the going gets tough you will do what you usually do, you'll blame others & your immaturity will shine through.
  4. Grow some skin lmao
  5. I don't think you can see what we see from the top of that horse 🤔🤔
  6. He might be dyslexic or have trouble expressing himself via written form for long periods of time. Additionally, he might just want views for his youtube channel.
  7. rUn ExTeRnAl pAc4.lUa
  8. It has an extensive permission system suited to large communities. Also offers more back-end customisation. Discord is limited in it's potential for large communities
  9. G'day everybody! Fuckin' hell, been a while since I posted on here eh? What better a post to kick off with than this one? Came across something ya'll going to like quite a bit. Tell me in the comments below, what's your dream star wars game? DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drakelings.bluedrake42.com/index.php?/files/file/15-star-wars-dark-forces-remastered/ By the way, I cannot guarantee the safety of these files. Download at your own risk.\
  10. Mine is a happy story, depending on perspective
  11. I'm Kix. I am a human. I was born a while ago.
  12. Kix


    Just saying not all clone names are going to be unique. I wouldn't change my name.
  13. Kix


    I was thinking two steam accounts both called Kix while I play both servers at the same time.
  14. Kix


    Two accounts, same name, logged into both servers. Rule breaking or nah? *Edit: This might be construed as me taking the piss. I am not.*
  15. Kix

    Deltas Trial mod app

    Delta is a very good dude. I need a new sand license by the way. +1
  16. Kix


    Use this model, Wolf.
  17. I am banned from TS3 I think.
  18. Foreword: "I’d like to apologise to the community and those directly affected by my actions that lead up to a just ban. I acknowledge the immaturity of my actions on the day of my ban. I do not play Garry’s Mod, at least not to the extent I used to. I put up this ban appeal in the hopes that I can make peace with those I’ve previously upset and occasionally visit the server that kickstarted my SWRP experience. Thank you for reading this thread." I would also like to acknowledge those affected by my actions in January of last year, in which I shared documents that contained email addresses of those in my regiment. An oversight on my part, but not released maliciously. Through interactions in the Imperial Defense Force (Cody/Kosmos's Star Citizen Organisation) I feel I've demonstrated to many individuals affected that I am capable of participating in a community in a respectful & mature manner. Additional Notes: Last ban appeal was put up 89 Days ago, I believe this is 3 months from the last appeal. (Specified by Chopz as my cooldown before posting another appeal) Steam Details Steam Name: Kix Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:114042335 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KIXTHETROOPER/ In Game Details In Game Name: Kix In Game Rank: Corporal In Game Regiment: Riot Ban Details https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/detail/index.php?steamid=STEAM_1:1:114042335&time=1519301852 How long was the ban for: Permanent Ban Which staff member banned you: Ridge (STEAM_0:0:90290312) What date did the ban occur: 22-02-18 22:17 What was the reason for the ban: "Poaching Players / Avertising other server" Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: "It was close to or the night in which Empire Gaming was released, & the forums were boiling over with tension. I inappropriately used Imperial Gaming’s Forum as a platform to push my agenda, through slandering the IG name and contacting my friend @Twinkie and asking if he would join Empire Gaming, a server which I had recently moved to from Imperial Gaming." Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I believe through my interactions with multiple members of the IDF, to which they may be able to attest; I am capable of positively & productively participating in a community in a respectful & mature manner. Some time has passed (Just under 1 year) & this is my second appeal, demonstrating that I am eager to return to this community. Writing two ban appeals only to go onto a server & minge is not something I've got the energy to do, hence you can be sure of my good intentions.
  19. If a photo is too large you can double click it to bring up resolution scaling for the image.
  20. Just for you two, I'd like to clarify that this incident was 2 months (Correct if wrong management?) Before my permanent ban, and unrelated.
  21. Yeah, that's wrong. No law against the accidental sharing of the email addresses, which is the only personal information I believe was shared. You're not wrong. However this was roughly 11 months ago, nearly a year. While that doesn't forgive what I did I think it's fair to say one changes a lot in such a time period. That's true, I was indeed stupid enough 11 months ago to share files without first omitting the emails of those on the roster. Given that I gave it to Plutonic and Spin, 2 people I did have my full trust in and were fairly well trusted by the community it's fair to say I misplaced my trust. I understood the quote well enough, it's a nice touch. What I did was disgusting. I have apologized for it. Sometimes, all we can do is apologise and wait for time to heal old wounds. I don't think my return would be a plague to the community, such an incident would never happen again. I may receive many downvotes for this, you may shake your head and dismiss what I have to say. I am simply taking the only actions I can to make amends for the mistakes of oneself close to a year ago. Thank you all for your responses to my thread.
  22. You're not wrong. I'd like to clarify though, to those who may not understand fully; I was the secretary for ISB during 2017, in charge of basic administration of ISB & it's relevant regiments. ISB possessed a google document containing a plethora of files on tanks, weapons etc. In game, roleplay reports. (Made for fantastic reading). I shared the google docs specifically with the intent of giving friends (2 People) of mine (at the time) interesting in-game documents such as mission reports for SCAR. (In an OOC manner, though it could constitute failRP I suppose). I neglected to realise that I was also sharing personal information of users. I recieved a 3 day ban for this incident, and deleted all files in order to prevent member's information from being shared further. There was no malicious intent behind this incident, I hope you can understand this. Thank you for commenting. Apologies to @Katelyn @Pablo @Welshy @Jman1308 and any others that were affected by my actions last year.
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