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  1. As Much as I do love IG I will be leaving. I've had an amazing time on IG with the people around me and I wish them the best. I wish the whole IG community the best. Good luck and Cya.
  2. I totally agree This has been in the shadows for too long and now that Qteks did it allows us to speak.
  3. @Demonic Yea The whole story isn't complete yet like the black text they will be replaced with a proper part of the story and more will be added.
  4. @[IG] Tackxo Yes Kadann is meant to be the supreme but I am making it that an event has happen to him and things don't really go his way.
  5. Of Course Most of this is based from Lore and Kadann is actually the Supreme prophet in Lore so the story is based of that but of course note that have either added some parts to suit him in game since i am actually a Visionary and also his path through his life. I will be updating this and hopefully adding more towards his life. The parts that are blacked out are restricted for people that don't have Kadann's Trust as a select few know of the full story And of course I would like to know everyones feedback on my story. Thanks Loading….. Accessing Data….
  6. NickArino

    Staff praise?

    Really Great Idea. This would really allow Staff to see which Mod/Admins are really accepting tickets and helping out even if it is to give someone tools or help explain something. +Positive
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