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  1. As Much as I do love IG I will be leaving. I've had an amazing time on IG with the people around me and I wish them the best. I wish the whole IG community the best. Good luck and Cya.
  2. @Ridge Can you please Lock this App Thanks
  3. @Imposing can you please lock this App. Thanks
  4. @Twinkie I haven't and @Chris that warn was ages ago so i dont fully under stand why you would neutral without a proper reason (Just Interested)
  5. Thanks @Whitey For the Support, Much Appreciated.
  6. +1 Good lad, mature and friendly bloke
  7. I totally agree This has been in the shadows for too long and now that Qteks did it allows us to speak.
  8. Thanks @Pluto @Marlin @Parks For the Support, Much Appreciated.
  9. Thanks @Shaz @Snowy For the Support, Much Appreciated.
  10. +1 Nice lad, mature, trusted and wouldn't abuse. (YES Im you 100th reply)
  11. Thanks @Tuckerbox For the Support, Much Appreciated!
  12. Thanks @EpicEzale For the Support
  13. Thanks @Yamtastik For the Support
  14. you posted this in the PAC Hub, it is meant to be in the PAC Applications
  15. Neutral The App is alright could use a bit more detail but you're not that well known and your playtime is to low
  16. Thanks @Jackal @Bossk @Ghost (I think you have already done a response btw) For the Support.
  17. Changing to +1 Seen you around and I have talked to you a couple times and you seem chill, mature and trustworthy.
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