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  1. Haz

    Ya boi Fizzy

    new phone who dis? Want a marshmallow?
  2. Hello, nice to meet you...want a marshmallow?
  3. This was captured a while back...I was training a recruit and giving him a tour around the ship and then ridge pops up from the ceiling... I haven't really had any bad situations with Ridge excluding this(REFER TO VIDEO) Furthermore, he is a good bloke but I think he just needs to do a bit more RP. Here is some evidence... Ridge lignitngk.mp4
  4. Just join engineers
  5. Haz

    Sorry guys

    Cheers for the heads up. Hope to see you round when you're on
  6. - What is your steam name?: HaZ | LFM - What is your in-game name & rank: Junior Foreman Gazza - How old are you?: 15 - How much time have you played in Garry's Mod?: 1246 hours on main account (THIS ONE) and 800+ on my sandbox account/old AF account - Do you have a microphone?: Yes - How long have you been a part of the Imperial Gaming Community?: Since Mid October - How well would you rate your building abilities?: Umm, TBH I don't really rate myself at all but if i had to I'd say Good... I guess. People have mixed opinions. However, I know pretty much all
  7. Space-gulls, violent creatures they are...they drop dead out of the sky at any second...
  8. Haz


    Martibo was the chosen one to JOIN them
  9. Before you gotta go, i need to give u a phat... o7 @Cards good luck at TAFE!
  10. -1 would hardly be used
  11. Idk if tammy's elevator is a death trap or not...
  12. I haven't made one of these yet so... I know it might be a bit late but, I might as well get it out of the way now. Hi, my name is Haz or Gaz. In-game my name is Junior Foreman Gazza. Come Say Hi! Meet my dogs
  13. Haz


    See you round' buddy boy Have fun on IG!
  14. This will be fun for events :))))
  15. Ahh sorry, bit sleepy. But thx for the quick reply
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