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  1. EDIT: Fixed Playtime (adding more) And a little --bump--
  2. Haz

    Ya boi Fizzy

    new phone who dis? Want a marshmallow?
  3. Haz

    Joshua EM app

    TBH I have no clue who you are in-game... However, I can see you want to be apart of the Event Master team. So here are some tips: You really need to research into your app, for example adding the exact map instead of just 'Tatooine' because there are multiple maps of Tatooine. This may be minor, however doing things like this really shows people how dedicated you are to becoming an event master. A good event master researches their events beforehand and comes up with their debrief speech if you are not that very confident at speaking; especially on your first couple of events. They also plot out their events to make it run smoothly; without lag, good fps and a lot of fun for the community. Your events are very small and lack a lot of detail. I know this may be how you can read it or relate to it, however, you should expand on your events so you can really show the community what you can come up with. Do not worry about non-creative events because it really isn't about creativity... it's about how much fun you give to the community when you do it. For example; Hostage events have been around for ages and they do get old however all you need to do is put your own spin on it and most people will love it. Putting your own spin on old events is what makes the event creative, not new events. Even tho new events may seem creative, but in reality, that event has probably been done before. There are 6 events planned per day and it has been going for months now...so do not try to hard to create new events, just create events with your own spin on it. If you are really struggling after this you should check out other accepted applications and read through theirs and get ideas from them and implement it into your own application. I can also see you are having trouble logging onto GMOD if you are still having that issue I suggest talking to the support team, and if you have already done that or It worked without you talking to them or it has worked after talking to them...come say 'Hi' to me in-game. I want to meet you. In Turn, I will be giving you a 'NEUTRAL'
  4. Haz


    Hello, nice to meet you...want a marshmallow?
  5. This was captured a while back...I was training a recruit and giving him a tour around the ship and then ridge pops up from the ceiling... I haven't really had any bad situations with Ridge excluding this(REFER TO VIDEO) Furthermore, he is a good bloke but I think he just needs to do a bit more RP. Here is some evidence... Ridge lignitngk.mp4
  6. Haz

    Tool Applications?

    Just join engineers
  7. EDIT: Added a new PAC
  8. -BUMP- and added updated playtime
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