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  1. HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! After all the matches played, after the elimination games, we now have the Imperial Gaming 2019 CSGO Champions... They are... Hectic Ethnics Congratulations to this Team! They will be given their prize! The Grand Final had Heartless Anarchists facing-off Hectic Ethnics, these were the scores: Game 1- Inferno [Hectic Ethnics: 16 | Heartless Anrachists: 14] (STATS: https://popflash.site/match/722776) Game 1- Mirage [Hectic Ethnics: 16 | Heartless Anrachists: 9] (STATS: https://popflash.site/match/722776) Now that the Imperial Gaming CSGO Tournament is over, the next community event is now being planned. More information on the next community event will be posted at a later date once plans are more finalised. However to peak interest of community members on what it may be, Mincecraft is being considered as the game of choice amongst other games such as Empire at War and so on, so get keen for it! There also may be once again prizes as well. Please be patient for it and thank you to all those that participated in the CSGO Tournament. Thanks all! ~ Welshy
  2. HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! After a successful start to the Group Stages, we are now on the road to final games. Teams participating in the Finals series are: Heartless Anarchists Hectic Ethnics NicDoHisBro (Meme Team) Indian School of Business Congratulations to these teams! There will now be three more games before the Grand Finals, after the Quarter Final games, the semi-final elimination games begin with one team being eliminated each semifinal game. Once this is completed the last two teams will compete head to head in the last "Best of Three" match before the champion gets their prize! The Grand Final Game will be announced on the forums not to worry. And a reminder there is a prize that is a secret! So have a say on the poll on what you think the champions should receive!!! Thanks all! ~ Welshy
  3. Anyone wishing to stream is to message me on the Forums!
  4. HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! The first rounds will commence between the 29th of September to the 1st of October. Each team will be playing a best of 3 game, whoever wins will go into the final stages Between these 3 days, each team captain will have organised day (29th, 30th, or 1st) and the time with their matched up Team Captain. The first rounds are below: Best of luck to these teams! And remember! Have fun!
  5. Here is my 6 hour shuffle playlist with a diverse range of music. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=LM
  6. HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! After the application process we have 7 registered teams! To try even up the amount of teams I am looking to put a group together for an 8th team. Alternatively, If you already have a team but missed the sign-up process message me on the forums for last minute sign-ups. Today and only today. Now that the application process is more or less finished, there will be a meeting for ALL Team Captains this Wednesday the 18/9/19 at 7PM Join the Waiting Room to the "Community Event Manager" channel prior to it. This meeting we will go over when and how games will be ran, dates and some extra duties the Team Captain must do to show he can manage his team Registered Teams
  7. HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! After the poll and consideration of other factors. Imperial Gaming will be hosting a CS:GO Tournament! Sad your game didn't get selected??? Not to worry! After the CS:GO Tournament our next community event will involve Minecraft, which by the looks of the poll, will be massive! There will also be other games going forward! Now there are a few things to mention which are more detailed in the application, however a summary of what you will require to participate in the Tournament are these: One person to apply for the whole team (Team Captain) 5 primary players 2 emergency players (Optional, emergency players can create/play on other teams.) Steam Group of your team. More details are found in the application. Team captain's will be responsible for their team's admin duties throughout the event. How to enter the Tournament? Press the link below to apply for your team! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScUnnzuIGQpfOD2aehkGg_cXdTeRGeUvFNYwpD4nKu_RRnedw/viewform How long will teams be able to apply? Teams will have 1 week to apply before applications close! Closing date is 16/9/19 How will the tournament be ran? Teams will organise their own dates. (e.g. Team 1 will decide on the date with Team 2 when they will play.) There will be a week notice before any games will begin. (There will be a Ladder, Dates and Play-Off structure released, etc.) Will there be prizes? There will be prizes yes - Welshy Have a question or concern? Feel free to message Welshy on the forums. If you do not have a team but want to play, comment below you are interested and form a team of other individuals!
  8. HELLO IMPERIAL GAMING! I will be organising an event: IG Games Night (Teams) This will mean people will have to organise teams and apply to join! But don't worry! There will be a week or two with more information posted along the way. More details will be released once community members have voted what games they are interested in. There may be prizes involved, we will see You will have until this Monday at 12:00am to get your vote in! The games that will be listed will represent a Genre of games, and may not be the game that is played. Choose what interests you the most!
  9. Hello! A new opportunity for Roleplay is coming to the server soon! Once it is completely set up you will know! Welcome to the Imperial Department of Military Research (IDMR) The point of this department is for Military Regiments, specifically players who enjoy PassiveRP in them, an opportunity to do fun projects without joining TI. This will not be replacing TI however will be acting as a Military side of things where more simple less secretive but fun projects can be developed by like-minded users. Anything you are unsure about can be found in this public In-Character document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FKkMG4dawDAqp-NMdl5YVPHWxbp1n9qwzLvmAtyX62w/edit?usp=sharing Any questions PM via the forums and I can get back to you! Thanks Imperial Gaming!
  10. Welshy

    Filmers Needed!

    Send me a message via the forums if interested and to find out more to be a temporary filming role! Photo done by Kurt.
  11. Hi Pinejack, Firstly thank you for explaining the Truth completely in your appeal this time. Your behaviour and attitude were contributing factors to your removal from the Event Master Team. Not long after you decided to approach Bailey, a former colleague in the Event Master Team in an effort to undermine me, defame my reputation within the community and leave area's of the community in disarray if these events were to take place. Yes it has been sometime since your ban initialised from your unprovoked, malicious actions (with or without thought) towards myself personally. The Community Ban should stay for a few more months, just to be sure you do not bring the attitude you formerly have and to demonstrate that you have actually thought on your actions and decisions. I cannot honestly forgive or forget the actions you decided. The only way I would consider to even see you back in this community in the future, anyway whatsoever is a Blacklist from Staff of all servers and restricted from PAC on all servers. Those roles are privileges and you have certainly lost them. Furthermore a strict 6-12 month probation period. As any infraction that is major would lead you back to a Community Ban. I personally would like the Ban to remain for at least a month or a few more months before you are able to return to the Community at all. However I would eventually consider the possibility as stated if those conditions were to be met. This is my opinion. I do hope you appreciate why and can understand where I am coming from.
  12. Application Denied. Taken down by the User's request.
  13. @Jman1308 Prepare for MC40 Spam
  14. Application Accepted.Please contact me on the forums to sort out some affairs before you begin!
  15. Welshy

    Slurpee's EM App

    HOLDYour Application is on Hold, people may continue to provide feedback to your application however your application will remain here until positions become open.
  16. HOLDYour Application is on Hold, people may continue to provide feedback to your application however your application will remain here until positions become open.
  17. Application Accepted.Please contact your Server Event Manager (Cecil) on the forums to go through an interview phase.
  18. Application Accepted.Please contact your Server Event Manager (Cecil) on the forums to go through an interview phase.
  19. I will just be the boss all the time
  20. Hi all, The ImperialRP Event Master Team applications will be closing on the 1st of April for a short period of time. Any application posted before this will still be able to receive Feedback up until the date. Once the date is reached they will be put "On Hold." An alternative for users who apply before the date will have the option to move their application to the Clone Wars Server. To have your application moved, simply message Welshy on the forums. For the Clone WarsRP Event Master Team applications, we are currently looking for individuals who are creative and work well in a team. If you haven't been an Event Master before, give it a go! Apply now below! https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/forum/203-event-master-application/ Terms and Rules on the Application still apply. ~ Welshy
  21. Hello everyone, My Dad a former Digger has asked me to bring this fundraiser to the attention of as many people as I can. Any funds given to this fundraiser would be appreciated by myself personally however do not feel obliged to in anyway whatsoever. The purpose for this fundraiser to create a documentary about a former Aussie Soldier who first served in World War 2, in short it is about what he and his fellow Diggers participated in during that period of time. For more information please visit the link below. Imperial Gaming has no affiliation with fundraiser whatsoever. Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/a-war-veterans-final-interview
  22. Application Accepted.Please contact me on the forums to sort out some affairs before you begin!
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