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    MT trailer

    Hey AlterKnight the way you responded to Kingsbury was quite rude as he is trying to help you. Next time please put it in a sentence as it seems like you are making a demand from Kingsbury.
  2. Direx

    Ban Appeal

    I think you should get un-banned. I have put some very questionable videos on the TV e.g. (Brazilian Sugaring with strip method) and all I got was a warning. I believe you deserve a second chance.
  3. Hey server, I am resigning from the position of Moderator and DT CMDR. If you do see me on the server anyone I won't be able to help you. I have been playing on imperial gaming for a while now and always done my best to support the community. It seems I am no longer needed by the server (or a few individuals) and have lost my interest in Garry's Mod. But my time has come and it is time to say my goodbye. This may be a shock to many of you that I am leaving the server but it is for the best. Regards, Direx
  4. Update: Ling ling joined the server and I reported to him what happen. Jake got warned for Racism and lying to staff
  5. Platform: GMOD Reporter Name: Direx Reporter Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52236396 Reported Name: Jake Reported Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:152518890 What Happened: It happend at 1:40Am on the 06/07/2017. I was in ISB hq with DT as I had just recruited new members I had been teaching them everything. It was fine until there was 19 players. People started to RDM and make racist jokes. Whilst in ISB HQ RST pvt Jake ran in playing racist music through his microphone. We asked him to stop and he did not we killed him and he continued to play it for roughly 10 seconds. I fo
  6. Would like to join. I play most days of the week.
  7. There goes my chance of getting in Knights and I haven't asked to join. But it is fair cause knights shouldn't be getting harassed by others for tryouts
  8. Direx

    Event Campaign

    What it is: A string of events forming a campaign for Tali and US. It would take longer than normal events as it would be about 8 in a row. Every 2/3 events there will be a debrief back on predator stating the importance of the mission completed. This will happen once a week on a Sunday or Saturday and will take several hours but will create more RP. When on predator whilst the map is being changed helicopter will be spawned in and troops will hop in and will fly then the map will be changed. I have seen this done on other RP servers that I have helped on and creates a nice roleplaying e
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