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  1. @Lister My mistake for not adding it in the main post. Here's the structure with the the current regiments in it. Hopefully it will be easier to understand. @Vile Regimental Rotations: Regiments/battalions will only swap out under two circumstances. If the regiment dies and it is decided by IHC & management that it would be better to implement a new regiment, rather than reviving to current one. The regiment in question believes their current regiment is unsustainable (multitude of other reasons) or a new regiment would be more beneficial. Then they can
  2. Over the past two months I have been making (with the help of lots of great community members) lots of changes regarding the army’s structure and its regiments. These changes have all been contributing towards a larger rework that we have had in mind. It was decided to implement smaller changes as opposed to a complete overhaul, because they prevent cases where large amounts of players need to be displaced and they allow us to wait until circumstances permit a non-disruptive change (i.e. a regiment dies). With all this said, I believe that we have reached the point where I can finally release
  3. @KevinM Compared to the proposed values not the current ones.
  4. As most of you have known for some time now, the values of weapons and HP are getting reworked. After carefully taking into consideration the feedback everyone provided in the previous google form, we have finalised all the values. These changes will go into effect on Monday (2/11/20) in time for the 2pm AEST restart. Note: The 100% pointshop refund is still in effect and will end at 9pm AEST on Sunday (1/11/20) -------- Key Changes Since the Proposed Values -------- Weapon damages have been increased by ~20% for most weapons Accuracy has been drastically increased (not i
  5. As most of you would have heard by now, we are currently working on balancing the weapons and health for every role on the server. Before we make any concrete changes, we'd like to get the opinion of the community. To try and make this process as easy as possible, I've put together a comprehensive spreadsheet containing the proposed values for load-out weapons and health. To avoid arguments in the comment section there is a link below to a google form, where you can voice your opinion and provide feedback (any comments that refer to the sheet will be hidden). The questions on the form are inte
  6. After months of development and many hours of hard work, I can now say rp_lothal is almost ready for release. Before I get into into the juicy stuff, I'd like to mention that a lot of thought went into this map to make it cater to the needs of our server. We've drawn on rotation maps like Titan Base, Naboo, and Anaxes and tried to take all their good parts and merge them into this map. For example while Naboo has great potential for civ rp, it lacks a centralised imperial area with the right facilities. In Lothal, we've taken that the city component of Naboo but we've added comprehensive imper
  7. All dupes on the server by default are free for anyone to use. If you wish to make your dupe private, you must put the tag [PRIVATE] in the front of the name of dupe when you upload it to the server. If a dupe is made within the bounds of RP and is considered a confidential construction (e.g. If Director Krennic commissions AWR to construct a power module) you must apply the tag [RP] to the front of the dupe name. Dupes with the [RP] tag may only by members of that RP team or in Soft RP. If you wish to make an edit of an existing dupe, you must get express permission from the crea
  8. @Delta So the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor all have a central octagon (forgive the orientation in the images). Each octagon has 4 lifts which go to all the floors.
  9. This Lothal post will cover the imperial compound. The layout has been custom designed to meet the needs of this community so I hope you can all appreciate that. With this in mind, the layout may still be subject to change, so if you have any suggestions you feel will improve the facility, please share them below. While @Cracked has tried to make the floor plan images as easy to interpret as possible, we'll both be happy to answer any question you may have. As per the last post, I'm still looking for funding to commission King Pommes to make some custom textures for the map (for the
  10. As some of you may have figured out from my previous post (and other secret communications), currently in the works is a custom Lothal map. For the past month now, @Cracked, @Frosty__ and myself (mostly cracked) have been working hard on the map, and we believe its finally at a stage worth showing the community. On a side note, I'm currently looking for funding to commission King Pommes to make some custom textures for the map (for the grass, mountains and houses) so if you're feeling generous and you're able to chip in, it would be greatly appreciated. With that aside, I made sure t
  11. Applications for Counselor Gallius Rax are now open! Applicants must be CL3+ Applications will close on the 4th of April. Best of luck to all that apply and may the best applicant win. Application Link: https://forms.gle/B9UHab9ZuW5grBBn9
  12. Trilobite is making the ship with bodygroups. There will be one with a gun and there will be one without a gun (also different skins). As it was "Originally manufactured without weapons" everything is still on the table.
  13. Lord Trilobite is currently working on a new vehicle called the "Mouldy Crow". To give a bit of context, The Moldy Crow was a Corellian Engineering Corporation HWK-290 light freighter that existed during the reign of the Galactic Empire. As a freighter, it was used to transport mainly cargo but also contained living space to house the pilots. Server wise, this ship will make a great addition as it can be used in several RP scenarios. As it is not directly connected to any faction (e.g. x-wings are almost always rebel ships) many different characters from many different backgrounds can use
  14. So this is where the donation money goes......
  15. @Ragetank @JDark47 @TheNegotiator @SCHEFF @Mord Pretty much the problem with creating different light settings is that it is horrible for performance. As the ISD is already a massive map with many features, Trilobite can't add a lights off feature. With the Pommes' DS map when the alarm goes off the walls and light flash red and white. This feature is different as it doesn't change the maps lighting. Instead, it oscillates the two bodygroups on the panels which produces a flashing effect. While this may be possible in the future for the ISD, the walls would need to swtich from brushes
  16. The time once again has come for another Star Destroyer update. Many of you have heard whispers of possible changes over the past couple months, some true, some false. So in addition to sharing your opinion and future suggestions, let me know if you've heard other changes that aren't in the post and i'd be happy to comment on whether they are also in the update, scheduled for a future update or not happening at all. With that said, this time round, most of the changes have occurred inside the ISD (unlike the previous update with the addition of the snow planet and new hyperspace locations). Li
  17. For those of you who weren’t there (brownie points for those who were), 2 years ago I commissioned Lord Trilobite to create the Delta Class T3C Shuttle, more commonly known as Krennic’s Shuttle. It's been used by several directors over the years and in my opinion, was a worthwhile investment. This time around, I’ve decided to commission the ship responsible for one of my favourite clips in rogue one (https://gyazo.com/fa25ce7befee7f6adda969ed6e7f8ec7) the Tie Reaper. Unlike Krennic’s shuttle, this attack lander will be very maneuverable and hopefully able to tactically dep
  18. This is the definition of a real old gem, noob
  19. Have you ever been in a tie but wanted to drive? Have you ever been in a tank but wanted the privacy and comfort of a cockpit? Well look no further! Coming very soon to gmod is the Tie Crawler (aka the Century Tank). King Pommes is currently putting the final touches on the vehicle, and if all goes to plan, it should be out very very soon. Below are a few previews of the tank/tie.
  20. While the recent DS update addressed many of the issues with the original DS map, there's still room for improvement. King Pommes is working on a 3rd version of the map (not coming out anytime soon so don't get too excited) and we would really appreciate specific suggestions. Please take the time to fill out this form and I must stress again to be specific. Vague complaints and solutions really don't help identify or rectify the issue. https://forms.gle/TtTMrTnTzqUqEhJK6
  21. @Lachlan Sooner than you may expect.
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